Monday, December 19, 2011

Visit to see the Boise Bennion's

My cousin Andrew graduated from Boise State University on Friday December 16th. My Dad, Grandma Bennion, Aunt Ellen and Uncle Kevin were heading up to Boise Thursday night and so I decided to tag along with them. We laughed a lot. They had some good chats. Some very serious and some very funny. I was in the back all by myself so I either slept, watched a movie or pretended to listen to their conversations ;) But for the most part, it was a fun trip. My Dad and Uncle Kevin seriously are so funny together. They teased us girls alot, but I know we wouldn't have it any other way. When we got into Boise it took forever to find the hotel. Guys don't ask for directions, girls do. Grandma kept saying "Do you want me to call Dorothy" No! Would be the guys comment. We finally made it to the our hotel, dumped our stuff off and went to Aunt Dorothy's house for dinner. It was SO good to see Aunt Dorothy, Cameron, and Andrew. I seriously think the last time I saw Andrew was when Uncle Jan (Andrew's Dad) passed away...almost six years ago! Next time, we are not waiting so long to see them. Andrew and I are seven months apart. He was born in January and I was born in August. I have always felt very close to Andrew even if we don't see each other very often at all. We ate a very yummy dinner at Dorothy's. I am sure we chatter their ears off. We decided it was time to head back to the hotel so that everyone could get some sleep for the graduation in the morning.
We had to run to Walgreen's and get some ear plugs because my Dad and uncle Kevin snore. Kudos to my Dad for not snoring at all and Uncle Kevin for snoring, but not too loud. I had earplugs in that worked wonders so I didn't have a problem there. I must say though, that pull out couches are HORRIBLE to sleep on, but I managed.
We woke up bright and early on Friday morning. We ate breakfast and got ready and headed to BSU for the graduation. It was a neat graduation. I could feel Uncle Jan there. I am sure everyone else could too. Aunt Dorothy would cry at times, I held back the tears. I was pretty proud of myself :) I am normally a ball baby.
After the graduation we headed for lunch. It took FOREVER to get out of the parking garage. At one point Grandma Bennion was ready to get out of the car and pound some Professor for stopping traffic. She kept calling the lady an a-hole! It was hiliarious! I put on my headphones and watched a DVD. Let's just say the movie was halfway over by the time we got to the restaurant because once again the guys would NOT ask for directions.
Backing up to Friday morning in the hotel because everyone must know this story in blogland. My Dad and I have never been to see Uncle Jan's grave. I believe Kevin, Ellen and Grandma have been up there once right after his headston was put in but that is all. So...the plan was after lunch to go and see Jan's grave. While getting ready in the morning Kevin got a newspaper and saw that there was going to be a snowmobile back flip contest at the Walmart in Idaho and so my Dad being the jockster that he is came up with a plan...After my aunt Ellen and Grandma got done eating breakfast and came back up to the hotel room my Dad broke the news to Grandma. Here is how it went...  "Mom, after the graduation and lunch we are not going to have time to go to Jan's grave because we need to go to the snowmobile back flip contest at the local walmart"
Grandma's face was priceless. Seriously Megann you would have died of laughter.
But anyways we all started busting up laughing because my Grandma did not find it funny at all. She told my Dad she normally can differtiate between a joke and being serious but you just don't mess with her like that.
After a yummy lunch, we headed to Uncle Jan's grave. Grandma started crying the second we pulled into the gates. We chatted around his grave for a bit and Cameron was telling Kevin and I about some of the graves and the people that were laid to rest and their stories. It was a humbling experience for me. I was so grateful we got to go and see his grave and visit and talk about some memories that we have of him.
My aunt Dorothy goes up there alot. After six years she says she tries to go up every Sunday. How priceless is that! I am sure Uncle Jan is so anxious for his wife to get back to him. But for now, him and Grandpa Bennion I am sure are having a grand old time.
After the gravesite, we headed home. I am so glad I got to tag along with my family to go and see the Boise Bennion's. Man, how I have missed you guys!

He's right next to the guy with the purple/blue rope thingy. What r those called? Look for the guy with the  full beard :)

Aaron, Andrew and Cameron
He Did It!!!!!!

Mom aka Aunt Dorothy and Andrew

KoriAnn and Andrew

Riki (Andrew's Girlfriend) and Andrew
We really were thrilled to meet Ricki. She is a very cute girl!