Thursday, December 29, 2011

Temple Square

If you know The Anderson's you know that getting together is a rare occasion. We spend time with Mom and Dad Anderson at their house, or our house and so getting out and actually doing something is unique. So, it is a rare occasion to see something like Mom, Dad, Uncle Tyler, Ben, Brighton and myself at Temple Square together on a weeknight.  On the 20th we headed to Temple Square to spend the evening with them. Mom and Dad treated us to Sizzler before going to temple square. Once we made it to temple square we tried to keep Brighton's hands warm because he refused he gloves. Instead of getting in his stroller he was content with staying in arms of anyone that was willing to hold him. Which mainly consisted of Grandma, Grandpa and Tyler. I must say I got a nice break. Brighton was fascinated with the lights. He kept saying "Light" in his cute little voice. It was a nice night together to be with family. I had to get a photo of it because it is so rare. I kind of forced everyone to take a picture. I think Mom was a little shocked that I just handed my camera to someone and asked the gentleman to take a picture of all of us. I am hoping that things like this continue. Next task with the Anderson's would be family pictures of all of us. It will be priceless!

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