Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's about time.

I know it has been FOREVER! Life seems to get in the way sometimes...ok alot!! I guess I better update everyone as to what is going on in the Anderson Home. We have offically put our house on the market. So if you know of anyone looking...ours is available :)
Ben just finished his semester of school. He does so good and works so hard to provide for our family. Some days I wonder how he functions, because I know that if I did what he does in a day I would probably die! He is a great man, and works hard at whatever he is doing in life. For that, I am thankful for. We are hoping he will be done with school in a year. I hope at that point he decides to take a break from school and just work. He is trying to decide if he wants to go for his Masters Degree. I'm still crazy about this husband of mine. Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky.
Brighton continues to grow like crazy. We cannot believe that in only two short months our little man will be turning two. In the last few weeks he has been talking up a storm. Some of our favorite words are...
Buot is Book
Soso is Yo Yo
Bighton is Brighton
Ben is Ben
KriAnn is KoriAnn
Shelboo is Shelby
Dake is Drake
Nawn is Shawn. Just a week or so ago Nawn was Shawn but now he can say Shawn. So cute!
Chekee is Cherokee
Coner is Connor
Bear is Blair
Gandma is Grandma
Ganpa is Grandpa
Ty is Tyler
Keth is Keith
Ball is Ball
Light is Light
Pease is Please
Tank U is Thank You
Orry is Sorry
There are so many other words but these are some of our favorites.
As I type this words I can't believe how much he is talking. He loves to say mom, mom, mom, mom all day until I say " What Brighton?" and then he'll continue mom, mom, mom. If Ben is at home it is Brighton saying Dad or Ben. Ben won't answer when Brighton calls him Ben but Bri has not figured that out yet. My mom taught him my name last night. So I am sure it won't be too long before he is calling me KoriAnn. Also, if you ask Brighton was his name is he will tell you Drake. He thinks he is so funny, but he really does know his name and that is priceless to this first time mom.
We can't believe that 2011 is almost over. We have been blessed so many things over just this past year. We are grateful for this time of year to reflect on our Savior, for his birth, and his acceptance towards his Father's plan. Christmas we get caught up in the lights, the presents, and so many worldly things that we sometimes forget about the true meaning of CHRISTmas. How truly blessed we all are to be living today. Until next time,
The Anderson Family


Gaylene said...

It's time to teach him Nana or Gooleen!!!

Tiffany West said...

Cute picture! Brighton is such a cutie,I always love it when they start talking like that. I'm sad to hear you are moving, but wish you all the best for your plans.