Sunday, May 1, 2011

On My Mind

Today I got up as usual bright and early around 7 am. Got myself, and the little man ready for church. It felt like a normal Sunday would.

These last few weeks with Brighton in Sacrament meeting have been tough. Sometimes I even wonder why I am at church. I feel distracted and no spiritual feeding from the last few weeks. Even Easter Sunday my thoughts were not turned to my Savior. Having kids changes Sacrament meeting for everyone, right??
It was Fast and Testimony Meeting today. I was so emotionally touched by each individual testimont that was bore on Sunday. As I watched a father take his son by his hand and direct him to the podium. While the Dad bore his testimony his son watched his Dad. After his Dad was done bearing his testimony he tried to get the son to bear his testimony after a few minutes I was in amazement as I watched the Dad reassure the little boy that he could do it, that he was doing good and so forth. As the little boy bore his testimony my eyes filled up with tears. I watched as the Dad guided that little boy, helped him along the way, and encouraged him til the very end. I was touched and spiritually fed at that point. I couldn't help but think about my Father in Heaven. As he lets us leave his heavenly home he is helping us, guiding us along the way in this earthly home. He is there beside us even though he is not physically there. He is encouraging us until the very end. I can't help but think that even after this life is over our Heavenly Father will wrap his arms around us numerous times, and tell us how much he loves us.
During sharing time in Primary we were practicing the song "Love is Spoken Here" I couldn't help but turn my thoughts to my Inlaws. With tears in my eyes once again I thought about how thankful I am for them. I am thankful for a loving Heavenly Father that led me to my eternal companion, that has such wonderful parents. They have taught me that through thick and thin life can still go. I am so thankful for their example. I am grateful for their willingness to except me as a daughter of their very own. I hope Ben and I can one day be just as great as they are.


Emily said...

What a great Easter message - I totally understand how frustrating sacrament can be with little ones, but it's definitely worth it and those times when you heart is touched make it all worthwhile!

Tammy said...

This made me cry. We are just normal people, trying to do our best. Sometimes we do ok and other times there is room for improvement. We love your little family sooooo much!