Monday, June 28, 2010

Paul and I Story

Paul and I were best of friends. It seemed like everything we did, we did together. We sang, spoke, played, and learned together. We had a deep abiding friendship developing. (We were different in a way, in that we had bodies of spirit and could do things you can do.) Then we were still living in the pre-mortal world for our time had not yet come for our calling to this earth. There were still many things we needed to learn and experience before we would be prepared to come to earth.

We were there as the two plans were presented by our elder brothers. Satan’s was that of force, and although we would all make it back into our Father’s presence, we could not choose for ourselves as brother Jesus wanted in his plan. Satan’s motives were also wrong for he wanted all the glory whereas our brother, Jesus, desired the glory be given to our more deserving Father. He himself asked for nothing.

Paul and I readily saw the evil motives of our brother, Satan, and rejected his plan. Also, seeing the gift of free agency offered by our brother Jesus in his plan, we accepted it. But in that great council in Heaven, one third of our brothers and sisters were led away by Satan and were cast out. It was really hard to see, but we were all given our free agency.

Well, the time drew near when Paul and I were to receive our callings or assignments for earth life. Many of our friends had already left. Excitedly and worriedly, we waiting for our callings.

Not much later, I got my calling. I opened it nervously, and to my satisfaction I was called to live with a good Mormon family in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Paul was excited for me and congratulated me.

Not many days later Paul’s call came. He was also nervous as he opened his letter. His broad smile turned into dissatisfaction. He shook as he held the letter telling him that he was not as lucky as I. For he would be going to the slums of some big city to live with a family who had never heard of the Gospel. He would not have the opportunity to live the standards he had already learned here, unless someone would bring the Gospel to him on earth. As I turned to go to my own assignment, he grabbed my arm. With tears in his eyes he said, “Find me.”

Any person we come in contact with, any day, any time, could be our Paul.

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