Monday, May 3, 2010

Blessing Day!!!!

Well, yesterday was a pretty special day for our little family. We blessed Brighton and what an amazing experience it was. There is something about holding an infant in your arms with the priesthood holding him and blessing him. I've never felt the spirit so strong. I've blessed another child before, but it surely is a different feeling when it's your own. We had so many people there. I bet the bishop was happy for boosting our sacrament attendance numbers up a bit. I do have to apologize to him having Brighton's blessing circle being so big. When you have a big family and are really close together, it's really hard to pick and choose. And that was as thing as I could get his circle, 15 people.

I have to thank Grandma Walker for letting us use her house for the luncheon. I lost count after 1 of how many people were there. I want to thank everyone who came and supported Brighton. We truly know he is loved.

I want to thank my lovely wife. She is truly the rock I lean on. She does an amazing job with Brighton. She bore her testimony yesterday and said something that really hit me hard. She talked about now she knows how much her parents love her since having Brighton and knowing the love we have for him. It's a feeling I can't explain. When I come home, I can't wait to see my wife and son. Regardless of my day, seeing puts life into perspective. It's a simple process. It's we as individuals that make it harder than what it is. I'm grateful that is what the gospel teaches. I tell everyone I know that. The gospel is simple. It's principles are simple. Everything that Heavenly Father asks us to do is simple. It's us that makes it hard. It's us that has to choose whether to follow or not. But thank goodness we can get back if we fall off the wagon.

I have to share the best photo of the weekend. I wanted one of these for a long time ever since Brighton was born.This is a four generation Anderson picture. I'm grateful for these men in my life. They have taught me a lot. The things I have learned from them are things, values and traits I want to teach my son. It's going to be an awesome journey.


Tammy said...

It was a beautiful day. For me the best part was seeing you my son bless his son. Family is everything!

Gaylene said...

It was truly a blessed day--and everyone was there. What a great big family we all have!!! And he was so dang cute in that white and baby blue tux!!!

BaconandBitch said...

Such a cutie!