Monday, April 26, 2010

Two Months Old

Brighton just a few minutes old!

I promise, I started to write this last night, but you woke up from your nap so I couldn't finish it so I am finishing it today.
Well, it happened. Brighton turned two months old today. Time sure has flown by. Our little chunky monkey is getting so big. I love his fat kissable cheeks. I love his chunky thighs. He is so cute. I just can't get enough of him. We have had so much fun these past two months and our little boy is growing up, and turning into his own person. We are so happy Brighton came to our family, and chose us to raise him. We love you little guy, happy two months!

Brighton at 1 month old

Here you are today at 2 months old. You have sure changed! We love you so much. You are absolutely in love with your daddy. Whenever he comes home your eyes light up. It is the neatest thing I have ever seen. You talk to yourself alot, I think you like to hear the sound of your voice. It is like music to my ears. You hate tummy time but you endure it well because mommy makes you do it. You can eat like there is no tomorrow. You eat and eat, I am worried that your pediatrician is going to tell me I am over feeding you, but whatever. I love those little fat rolls you've got going on your thighs. Brighton, We love you so much. You have brought so much joy to your mom and dad. We are so excited to continue to raise you.
Lots of Love,


Gaylene said...

He is so very very cute. But then, I may be just a bit prejudiced! And look at that huge big smile. Gas my rear end!!!
By the way, I never did get that nap--bummer!

Camille said...

Those pictures don't do him justice. He is even more adorable in person. I am glad I got to see him today. Try to enjoy him as much as you can because as you can see time goes by VERY quickly.

Ruth said...

What a sweet handsome boy. It is amazing how much they can eat, huh? And each child is so different, Glen was such a small eater and Benjamin is always hungry.
Mmm...there is just something so tasty about chubby cheeks, and the rest of babies too :)

Brandie Page said...

Happy two months Baby Brighton. I've never seen your mom so happy.