Sunday, November 29, 2009

BYU vs. Utah

Let's set the record straight. I am a BYU fan! Love the cougars, especially BYU football. I want to buy my son BYU outfits all of the time. But, price of things like that get in the way. I think alot of my love for the cougars stems from my dad. In fact, I know it all stems from my dad. We grew up watching the cougars. I nervously watch the rivarly game every year (ok, every year since Ben and I have been married.) Ben was raised to love the Utes, which is fine, and I think maybe somewhere deep down he still loves the Utes but maybe pretends to love BYU just for me and my litte brother Connor. :)
While Ben and I were driving home last night from my parents we were listening to sports talk radio. I always get so frusterated when Ben makes us listen to the after game show when people can call in and voice their rude, hateful, and degrading comments on air. I guess whatever makes people feel better, right?? Both BYU and Ute fans are so rude, and inconsiderate. It is just a game people. Well as we were getting home I hear that Kyle Whittingham's wife got hit or something because some BYU fans were taking pictures of litte INNOCENT ute fans crying because utah lost. Then I hear about beer being thrown on BYU fans last year at the game because Utah was winning. Come on people, where is all of this hatred coming from. It is just a FOOTBALL GAME. Both sides are equally just as bad. BYU and Utah fans are degrading, rude, hateful, and just plain embarassing at times. Ben had me watch the interview that Max Hall gave last night about "HATING" everything about Utah. I admit I snickered a little about the comments and went about the day. But it's got me thinking more and more about how satan is ever so quietly creeping in on the "simple" joys in life like BYU football (for me).
I thoroughly love cougar football, and have lost a little bit of respect for Max Hall, but I am sure somewhere down the road some Ute player will say the same thing about BYU (if it already hasn't been said). Let's just move on people and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Life isn't all about BYU or Utah football.


Gaylene said...

Well said--but I am still not a BYU fan! Nor will I ever be.

Tammy said...

He has and always will be all BYU. We were at a UofU Basketball game, sitting in the middle of the Crimson Club, and Ben was in his BYU shirt screaming for his team. One lady looked at us and said... He sure has guts. Another time he kept his coat on the whole game, and was listening to BYU on the radio at the U game. I asked him if he was hot. He said no, but he was young that time and afraid to take his coat off to show his true blue colors. I think most fans take it in stride, and have fun with it. It's always just a few that ruin it for everyone.

The Melo Family said...

I was very dissapointed in his comments. It wasn't very nice and hate is a strong word!