Monday, November 23, 2009

Lots of Movement!!

Little Scout,
Just so you know, you are already making me laugh. Can't wait to actually meet you so I can have many more laughs with you. Dad is convinced that you don't like him, but I know better. You already love him. Yesterday while in sacrament you were kicking like crazy. Dad even saw you kick me. Little scout you can already kick me pretty hard, please don't hurt me when you get bigger in my bell;y :) Deal? Dad would put his hand on mom's stomach and you wouldn't move a muscle. I laughed for a while about that one. It still cracks me up, but Dad doesn't think it's funny. I have a feeling that you and dad are going to be VERY close, which I am ok with because I got to carry you for nine months and that is everything to me. Your dad deserves someone to be close with, and I am more than willing to let him have a "real" relationship with his son. I can't speak for your dad, but I know he loves you more than life itself already. He can't wait to see you. He is more excited than me at times. Time sure has slowed down recently. It feels like March is never going to come. With the upcoming holidays I am hoping that that will keep me busy and not watching time tick by. Just so you know, you already went to your first BYU game this past weekend. You went with dad, mom, Andrew, Bryn, Megann and Mitch. BYU won of course. You didn't move much during the game, in fact, while I laid in bed Saturday night I got a little woried because I hadn't felt you move all day. Maybe you were just enjoying your first BYU game and you had to take it all in. Grandma Bennion is already planning on buying you a BYU football outfit for Halloween so you and aunt Blair can go as a Football player and cute will that be? You also will get to enjoy your first BYU vs UTAH rivarly game this week. Football has been filling up our schedules these past few weeks, but we're just preparing you for this wild journey. It has been fun to enjoy some football games with your dad. He gets into the games and I have a feeling you'll take after him. Another event that happened this past weekend is that Jimmie Johnson won the Sprint Cup Championship. That makes 4 in a row for him. Dad was so happy about that!! He can't wait til you get here because he has figured out that you will only miss two or three races depending on when you arrive...he can't wait to watch the races with you. How time needs to speed up just a little bit, can't wait to meet you little scout.
Tons of Love,
Your Mom

We get to see you tomorrow at our doctors appointment...can't wait :)


The Melo Family said...

so cute!!!!

Gaylene said...

Ahhhhh! from Nana and Austin (he wanted to say you were cuckoo, but I said no)