Sunday, May 31, 2009

All About Arizona

Isaac Eubanks. So cute! I love when babies cry. It is just so adorable, ok not all of the time but in this case it was. I got to hold him alot, which also didn't help the baby hungry thing for me.
Annalyn is so cute as well! She was my little buddy the whole time. She was so fun to be around. We read stories together, played in the water fountains together and just all around had a good time. Annalyn makes me want to have a child even more.

Last week I headed to Arizona to see my old roommate Jill and her cute family. I felt so bad for Jill. She had to get surgery the day before I came and she still had the energy to entertain her friend. I flew out Wednesday, and got to Arizona later that night. This was a big deal to me. I have never flown by myself, a little scary but I did it, I was proud of myself :) Thursday we ventured out (by the way, I had to drive because Jill was still on some medication. So it was a very brave weekend for me...flying by myself, and driving in a different state...SCARY, but I did it!!)to a candy factory. I pretty much was in heaven the whole time while there. If you know me, and the comments Ben always makes I am a "sugar-a-holic." Friday we headed to the temple in Mesa. It was a neat experience to walk around the temple grounds and the visitor center. I always feel the spirit while I am at the temple even if I am on the temple grounds. Saturday, I had to head home. I was sad to go home. I miss Jill so much. Umm...Jill, why didn't we get a picture together? Thanks Eubanks family for letting me come and see your cute family. I miss you all so much! Ben and I will come back together soon.

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The Melo Family said...

I love the Mesa Temple. It was the first Temple I ever was in and it was for Baptisms! I'm so glad you had fun!!!:D