Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunny St. George

I know I am totally slacking in the blogging world. So this is why I will be posting at least FOUR blogs today. I don’t have much to do since Ben is at work and I need to update my blog for my own piece of mind so that our future generation will know that we actually do have somewhat of a life. I finally am getting around to blogging about St. George. By far, this was the best thing that we saw in St. George...Umm...can I get some Ice Cold Ice? We went to St. George with my cousin Megann and her husband Mitch over Mother’s Day weekend. We had a ton of fun! We left Thursday afternoon, we had to stop and get some dinner in Nephi. Oh boy, was that an experience! We had to get a printo (I mean Pinto) bean burrito and some catsup packets. Ok, only Megann and Mitch would get that. It is something that you just had to be there for. We stayed at Mitch’s aunts condo and we are thankful to her for letting us stay there and save money. Our main reason to go there was to see Brian Regan. On Friday, we headed to the St. George temple Friday morning and that was a neat experience for myself. Lounged around and played at the pool that night as well. On Saturday Mitch and Megann went bike riding early in the morning, and then we headed out to go shotgun shooting. That was a fun experience for me. That was my first time shooting. Ben and I will have to go again sometime. We headed to Tuachan after a yummy dinner at Texas Roadhouse. I had never been there before. It is so beautiful there. I don’t know why I’ve never been there before. I think we might venture down south more often. Brian Regan was hilarious! I never stopped laughing. My favorite was when he started talking about being hero. I seriously thought I was going to bust a gut. It was so funny. I also love rate your pain…so hilarious! Sunday we headed back to the real world. Didn’t love that part so much, but we survived coming home. We also got home in time to see our mom’s for Mother’s Day which is always good because our mom’s do so much for both of us. Thanks again Mitch and Megann for the fun weekend. We will miss you SO much while you are in Tennessee. We do know that Mitch will do awesome in Physical Therapy school though. We’ll come see you soon. We know that there is a lot to see in Tennessee.

P.S. Emily, Sorry we didn't come see you. I did think about you while I was down South. Does that count? :)
Also, Gaylene I don't know when I'll get around to the forever ago California trip. Since we took my mom's camera I am having difficulty getting them onto our computer. Sorry :) Love ya!

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TaNisha said...

Sounds like you always have a blast! I hope thats a team Edward shirt your wearing...Oh ya! I noticed it ha!