Sunday, May 31, 2009

Just so you know...I do pay for movies. Well, once in a while :)

Oh yes, and how could I forget this lovely story about Arizona ... Jill and I went to the movie Friday night. I know your all in shock!! I actually paid for a movie. So, the next time ANYONE ever complains about the prices at the movie theatre I will tell them.."At least you didn't pay $9.75 like I did to go and see a movie! I literally wanted to cry when I was paying for my ticket. Luckily we saw Angels and Demons which I liked. If I wouldn't have liked it I would have been even more pissed that I paid that much for the movie. I also then had to get some treats like most movie goers do. Got a pretty big drink, and some reeses pieces also paid $9.58 for that. So, for one person to go to the movie it cost about $20. That's ridiculous!! Oh yeah one more thing. POSTED as plain as day… PLEASE NO OUTSIDE FOOR OR DRINK (I almost took a picture of it, to prove it)
So, NO people not ALL movie theatres allow your water containers, drinks or food to come into the movie theatre. So next time anyone EVER complains about Walker Cinemas prices or the fact that we don’t allow you to bring your water bottle or food in I might just have to slap you!!!!!! You’ve been warned :)

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The Melo Family said...

lol your so funny!!:D