Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Life on the Home Front

Well not much has been happening around the Anderson home. We have been busily working in our front yard trying to get that finished before the snow dumps on us again. We aren't to far into it, and hopefully we can get the sprinklers in by this coming weekend (we will see). For conference weekend Ben is going to go with my dad and brothers to Salt Lake for the Priesthood Session. My dad has the whole day planned for the boys, and I think that it will be a good bonding experience for each of them. They ar also staying the night in a hotel Saturday night. So, we won't see the boys until Sunday morning. While the boys are gone, cherokee and I are planning on spending the weekend in Brigham, we also have a Bennion Family Party on Sunday at my parents house which I am anxiously waiting for. Those are always fun. Once we get our camera fixed I will record the Bennion's singing "Happy Birthday" I know that everyone will be awfully surprised with how good we really are. This week has quickly filled up with things that we have to do each night. In some respects it's nice to stay busy, but I know that once kiddies come along that busyness (spelling??) is only going to become worse. I feel that we are already busy. Oh well, that is just what life is all about. See, so life is busy, hectic, and all around chaotic at times. But, we love it, and couldn't ask for anything more!