Friday, September 26, 2008

Cancer Update Number 2

My Aunt Gaylene (the one who is always in charge, haha!) always sends out e-mails to everyone about my mom's treatments...Yesterday my mom got to see the doctor before her treatment, in which the doc told her that she is doing well, and that she is also healing well from the surgeries.
Also, you will find from reading this that my mom has lost all of her. She went to work on Wednesday with a full head of hair. She had a few spots that were gone but nothing that a curling iron couldn't cover, when she got home from work clumps of hair were falling out when she ran her hands through her hair. My mom called me on Wednesday asking me how much I love her and I told her that I loved her alot, she then proceeded to tell me that she was completely bald. I guess I didn't think much of it until she sent me a picture of herself on my phone. My mom was smiling (despite the loss of her hair) in this picture, but she was completely bald. I shed a few tears, it just hit me more than I think anything else has. I know she has cancer, but it was just a weird feeling. I went with my mom to the doctors yesterday and when I got to her house bright and early the baldness didn't effect me as bad, I kept it together, and actually in all honesty my mom looks good bald (I know she will disagree, but it's true) I am sure some people can't pull off the bald look, but my mom can. It really does not look bad at all. She can wear her hats, and still be the same person she was before this came along. Mom, you are one of my hero's. Keep smiling, and keep your spirits up, I love you. P.S. another great thing we heard yesterday, is that none of us have to get tested for Cancer. Her test resulted in a negative, which is always a good thing to hear.
E-mail I received from my Aunt about My Mom...
Today was A/C treatment # 2, two more to go on this particular course. And she is doing quite well considering. Hooray!!! She actually gained weight. This is a person who doesn't like to eat. AT ALL!!She hates water and has to drink it regularly. But she keeps saying. I'm doing it under duress. She lost all of her hair at once--yesterday. She was pretty bummed about that. Her red spikey hair is definitely her 'identifier' and truly portrays her FIESTY personality. She had started curling her hair a little because tiny patches were coming out, but she went to work yesterday morning and called me to tell me that she had come home from work and had just brushed at her ear when a big chunk came out. 'Do I try to brush it all out or will it come out on it's own'. My answer was 'I don't know, it's different with everyone.' She called about two hours later and said that all but 3 or 4 small patches had fallen out, so her Hairdresser (or in this case her Head dresser) Chelsie was going to finish it off for her. Today when she came to the Doctor's for #2--it was all gone. She was in a darling red denim hat. I told her BALD IS BEAUTIFUL, but she didn't think I was very funny. She was in lower spirits today, but I think that truly comes with the territory of cancer. We all have our up and down days when it comes to a cancer diagnosis of any kind, but KoriAnn and I had her laughing. I think her spirits were lower because Kelson and Sirius (the dog) didn't recognize her. And she WANTS TO BE RECOGNIZED. She is tough and a fighter. She will get through this. NATTER KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK and THINK PINK!!!


Camille said...

What a difficult thing to endure. Your family is in our prayers.

Jorgensen Bunch said...

Oh Koriann:( I am so sorry to hear that your mom has cancer. That is so hard to deal with. If you need someone to talk to about it and your hubby isn't there, give me a call or email me. Cause I definately can say that I know what you're going through. I love you girl, let me know if I can help.