Thursday, May 3, 2012

Why do I suck at Blogging? I seriously thought I was getting better at it, but apparently I am not! One day I tell myself, and then three months pass and I still haven't written anything since our Anniversary. Lame! One Day...Ha!
Brighton and his new bear Jazz
I will take you through a quick recap of the past three months. February we celebrated Ben's 29th birthday, and Brighton's 2nd Birthday.  What a fun month for Birthdays! We celebrate alot at the end of February. It sometimes is a blur. Ben could seriously care less about his birthday so we combined it with Brighton's birthday. I don't think it's fair to Ben but he doesn't mind one bit. Next year will be different.
In March Ben got asked to be on another Wood Badge course. I say Yuck! He enjoys every minute of it! So I can't complain too much although I do. Ha!
April came and went...Ben finished another semester of school. I survived another semester. We still have a lot to go but there is a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel.
And here it is May already. Our weekends will consist of working at the theatre, going to St. George to see Brian Regan, and Ben starts Summer School on Monday. Yes, our lives are exciting...don't you wish you were us ;)

Ben and I at the Dallas vs. Jazz Game! What an Awesome Game!