Friday, January 20, 2012

6 Years!

Ben and I celebrated our 6th anniversary this past weekend. Brighton stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Anderson, and Cherokee got to stay with Grandma Natter. We knew it was going to be a slim anniversary. I normally try and get us a hotel room and plan something fun for the weekend but our weekend at home was just as memorable I think. I told Ben at the first of the week last week that we were going to build a fort in our living room and just play games and be lazy for once in our busy lives. When Ben got home on Friday night we opened our gifts from each other. I bought him Moneyball he bought me Something Borrowed. We ordered our favorite pizza from Papa John's. Ben's favorite is the BBQ Chicken Pizza and mine is the Spinach alfredo pizza. We ran to the theatre after picking up our pizza and got ourselves some drinks and some popcorn for our movies. It was such a good night. We moved our mattress in the living room and built ourselves what we called a "fort" it was more like a jail cell if you ask me but we just went with it and had a great night. We even got a couple of games of Skip Bo in. Although, Ben beats me everytime. I managed to beat him once. When my pile only had ten cards in it while his had 20. Ha! Saturday we got up and went walking than we came home and were lazy all day. It was so nice not to have to do anything for a change! We headed to the Bountiful Temple later in the afternoon on Saturday. We hit the 5:30 session. I was so thrilled to be able to go to the temple with Ben. I think it helped us have a good week this past week. I was grateful to feel the spirit while at the temple and be able to remember what covenants we made this time 6 years ago (although a day behind this year). After the temple we headed to our favorite Mexican Restaurant and enjoyed a delicious dinner as always and even indulged in the best fried ice cream. I seriously could NOT stop eating it. It was so good!!! Maybe that is why we never get dessert after we eat because I eat it all. After we enjoyed dinner we headed to G & G Anderson's to get Brighton. It was a great weekend spent with the Man I Love. I just wish it could have been a little longer. I am thinking that once Ben graduates school we'll go on a vacation just the two of us. That day cannot come fast enough.
Blast throught the Past!

This is the first picture of 2012. We never got a picture of us on our anniversary. So this will have to do! I love this picture though. Brighton's face is priceless! Also, it goes to show that he is the center of our world!


Emily said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!! Congratulations on such a long and happy marriage!

BaconandBitch said...

Love you guys! You look and sound so happy! Congrats!

Unknown said...

I like the dog´s eyes