Friday, February 4, 2011

1st Birthday Plans

It's official our little Brighton is turning 1 in just a few short weeks. It makes his momma sad! Now I know why mom's cry when their kids get older. Time sure does fly by so fast and I hate it. I love the milestones he is continually reaching but then it is a constant reminder that he is getting older...SAD!!! I decided this morning around 5:30 that it was time to get the birthday plans in full swing. I was looking around cyber space this morning looking for 1st birthday onesies, and came across a onesie that said "This time last year my mom was miserable" or something to that effect. It gave me a good laugh! I was miserable and ready to be done with the pregnancy but also sad that it was coming to an end. It is absolutely amazing the connection you feel with your little one when he/she is inside of you. I have been playing around with some different invitation ideas and have came up with one that both Ben and I love. Ben told me that he loved the invitaion, I promptly asked him if he really liked it? or if he just was saying that because he knew it was important to me? He said both!! I was a happy wife. He sure has learned what is good for him in this marriage :) Haha!!! Here is proof BRANDIE that I do take pictures and that I will get better at this whole blogging land and pictures thing :) Also, Gleen-I am doing two post this week, not last week. January 31st and now today...same week :) Love ya both! Thanks for keeping me on track!!! Brighton the day he was born. Oh my goodness look at that hair!! Ahh, I love him!!! And the one on the right is on Christmas day at Grandma and Grandpa Anderson's house! See, our little man is growing up....tear!!!


Gaylene said...

I love the cheesy grin!

Brandie Page said...

Oh I love the pictures!!! He is gonna be a heart breaker!! So handsome.