Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm Blogging

Look at me...I am alive! From my husband to friends harassing me telling me that it is time to blog again I thought I would start up again. I told Brandie tonight that I would totally blog if I didn't have to upload my pictures onto my computer evey dang time I blog. I am so lazy it is not even funny. I enjoy being lazy though sometimes, it is good for the soul. Haha! Laziness has become my middle name. Now that it is summer I can somewhat relax. I have got Brighton on a good schedule he sleeps in his crib each day and takes naps when he needs too. I feel no need to run here and there I have realized that he needs this routine I don't. It is hard for me to give up his routine on the days that I work at theatre because other people watch him and it is normally not at our house so his nap schedule gets all screwed up, and he is also not sleeping in his crib. It stinks to have to work, but I suppose we all have to do it. :) Plus, I can't really count the theatre as "hard" work, cuz I enjoy it way too much. So, with that being said let me recap some of the things that have been going on around The Anderson home.

1-My little (but taller) than me brother Drake graduated High School. I am so proud of him and all that he has acomplished. He will be going to SUU in August. I envy him. He is doing something I never did, but wish I would have. He is going to do wonders in his life, I have no doubt about that. Iam going to miss Drake like crazy. I am glad that he is not going too far away...yet. Who knows where he will end up once he is done at SUU?? I love you Drake, and we are so proud of you. 1st picture is of all of the graduates, 2nd picture is Brighton trying so hard to stay awake, but it was way past his bedtime, poor little fellow.

2- Went to the pediatrican because Brighton likes to sleep on his right side, which has caused him to have a flat head. Went to see Dr. Church, because I was being a paranoid mother and was unsure of what to do. He told us to let him have lots of tummy time, and get him a Bumbo seat, and let him sleep on his left side at night so that he is off of his right side too see if his head will shape back to normal. Also, if he is favoring one side too much that could also mean that he needs physical therapy, doctor didn't seem to concerned that that is what we need to resort to yet. We have an appointment at the end of this month, if the Doctor feels that it has not improved we will head to Primary Childrens to get him a helmet.
Side note: The American Board of Pediatrics has this "Back to Sleep" campaign that they have been all stoked about, seeing how they feel that babies who sleep on their stomachs have a higher risk of getting SIDs, which is fine, but since they have encouraged this back to sleep campaign thingy more and more babies have had to wear helmets. Who knows if they will ever figure out which is best for babies?? My MIL looked online to read about these helmets which I can't remember the technical name of it, but anyways if Brighton does need a helmet he will have to wear if for 23 hours a day. Only taking it off to bath him, oh boy, this should be fun, if that is what it comes down too. Although, I will have to admit if this is the only tramatic thing I as his mother have to go through right now I will gladly take it because I know there are plenty of babies out there that have worse conditions than our little guy.
3-I'm a clipping coupon guru. I am obsessed!! I seriously dream about coupons, and the amazing deals I can find, it is pathetic. For example just the other day there was a hand mixer for $4(a nice one too). I clearly do not need a hand mixer, but for that price who could resist?? I wanted that hand mixer so bad but I refrained myself. This is what our kitchen table looks like alot of the days, I am a clipping coupon fool. Some of my FAVORITE sites to find awesome deals, and shopping lists are and These webistes rock and will get you some pretty awesome deals. Like today, I bought 502 Pampers Thick wipes (not the cheap kind) for $9.89 shipped from Amazon all because I check the freebies2deals webiste three times a day and that is no joke, I love it!!! Last picture is from my AWESOME deal I got at Wally World the other night ALL because of my coupons. Each wipe container was $1.97 and the razors were $3.97. Before coupons the total was $12.66 which you all might think, well that's not bad, that is 5 items and that is an ok price for those 5 items. Well let me tell ya when you can pay $1.66 for all 5 items because you used coupons you won't go back to paying $12.66 for those 5 items. Coupons seriously rock!!!!


Christa said...

When Hadlee was about 4 months we went to Primary Children's about a helmet as well(a waste of $140 since insurance won't cover it)- but their heads are still shaping so much. Hadlee's is just fine now- once I stopped having her sleep flat on her back and on her sides it shaped out!

Gaylene said...

I just fell off my chair and man my back end hurts. You rock with those coupons. I am far too "not obsessed" when it comes to coupons. Just like I don't like to go to the big Christmas sales and everything else where it includes people, I ould rather pay full price than be bothered. I kow that is not a good thing right now. But, that's me. So if you want to do it for me, I will let you.

Turok said...

One thing to try that my Pediatrician recommended doing...and you may have already tried it, already been told, or just dont want to do it...BUT what he told me to do was to lay baby with head North and Feet South..and then switch it up after a night or two where Head is South and feet are North....

Babies have a natural tendency to look OUT of the whichever way you lay them, they usually are automatically going to look to the outside of the crib (not towards the wall) that way their head is turning a different direction but looking at the same thing..,,just thought I would share the FYI. GOOD LUCK! and way to go on the couponing!