Saturday, February 13, 2010

Late Night Thoughts

I can't sleep so here I am sitting in the babe's bedroom in my comfortable rocking chair, blogging about who knows what? So this is probably going to be one random post, but there are some things that have come to my mind that I feel like I need to remember for my own sake.

#1- Thought about the fact that Baby Anderson does not have a coming home outfit yet. I feel like this is an outfit that Ben and I need to buy not someone else. I mean come on, it will be his first outing into this crazy world. The first time he'll meet Cherokee girl, and come home to our home. It needs to be a stinkin cute outfit. Maybe that is what Ben and I will do today before we have to go to work.

#2- Totally scored BIG at Roberts crafts today. My mom and grandma gave me gift cards to Robert's for Christmas. Roberts had all of their Cricut cartridges on sale for $20 less than what they regularly are. I had a $25 off coupon if you spent $100. So, I made sure that that register went over $100. I also then scored $7 in Sweetheart bucks (which can be used like cash when you go back to buy something else), and still had money leftover on one of the gift cards. I also still have a 50%off one item coupon. So, I totally had my eye on this VERY cute bright ORANGE gerber daisy floral arrangement in an ever so cute vase that I wanted but I had to refrain. So, I am hoping today I can drag the hubsters over to Roberts and pick up that cute flower arrangement for the price of zero dollars out of my pocket :) I am totally ready for Spring, and absolutely love FREE things. Thanks mom and grams for the gift cards :)

#3-Bought a cute little red tote thing from the DI today for 50 cents. I have become an avid collecter of samples. We get tons of samples from our baby classes that we take, and I have become a huge fan of and she always post samples that you can sign up for and get them mailed to you for FREE. It totally rocks and I have scored some sweet things too. Go and check out the website, it will rock your socks off. The red tote from the DI is now the stashing place for all of my samples. I love it!

#4- Had a bad dream last night. Haven't had a bad dream in a long time. I woke up in a cold sweat, and I blame some of that on the fact that I had to roll out of bed to go pee, but nonetheless I hate hate hate bad dreams. They are scary. I blame my bad dream on the fact that I didn't read my scriptures yesterday at all. So, you better believe it I took the time today to read my scriptures because I don't want to have bad dreams like that again.

#5- Speaking of the Scriptures, this has been an interesting thing for me lately. I have devoted myself to a serious scripture study. Never done this before, it's new and I have some hard days getting into the scriptures, but I end up doing it most nights, which for me is a major accomplishment. I went and bought the seminary guide to The Book of Mormon. I know it is lame, but for me it is easy for me to understand because I am definitely not a scholar in the scriptures, but I'd love to become one so that is where I am starting. Plus, I want my kids to understand and realize how important the scriptures are to me, and to them as well.

#6- Text my Grandma Schmardebeck today. I felt weird doing it because she is a missionary but I haven't wrote or e-mailed her, so a text is what she got. I felt totally rebellious, because come on...she is a missionary for heaven sakes you just don't do that. Well, she is a Senior Missionary. She has got minimal rules. She is able to do alot that missionaries aren't able to do. I told her I'd let her know about our next doctors appointment. I miss her!

#7- My cute Mother in Law totally rocks! I am not just saying this because she reads this blog, but because she really does rock. She took me shopping on Monday and spoiled me. It was about me, not Baby Anderson. It was neat! She also made the CUTEST diaper cake for the shower this coming Friday. She's an amazing lady!

#8- Sometimes I think Ben loves Cherokee more than he loves me. When he comes home at night he loves up on the dog more than he loves up on his chunky pregnant wife. It is something that I am trying to get over. I have some major raging hormones going on lately.

#9- It was 9000 degrees at my parents house tonight. At one point while my mom and I were watching Pride and Prejudice I thought I was going to pass out. It was so hot! My face got beat red. I had to go and sit outside in the freezing cold too cool down. Oh, pregnancy how I love thee ;)

#10- Going to craft up a very cute letter decoration for the baby tomorrow. I called Ben today and told him that the baby's name will have to start with a B because that was the letter I bought. So, Brighton will probably be his name. Unless he comes out looking completely like me. (Yay, right!!!) When I get the project done I will post pictures, it is too cute not to blog about.

#11- It is 2:18 in the blessed AM!!!! I am still not asleep, and WIDE awake. It is going to be one early morning when my alarm clock goes off to remind me that I have to go and clean the theatre. :(

That's it for now. Thanks for sticking around for this VERY random post.
Love ya!!


BaconandBitch said...

I like the post! I am jealous about your deals at Roberts!!!

I am glad you posted at that hour because I have something to read this morning! I am up way too early on a Saturday!

Gaylene said...

Senior Missionaries are spoiled rotten! She calls me nearly every night, so don't feel guilty! She loves hearing from you. More news on mission to follow tomorrow!

Ruth said...

Wait! I thought you were naming him Scout...were you just calling him that until you decided? Hehe, we called Glen Nebachadnezer until we told people his name. =D
Dreams...oh I remember the pregnancy dreams I had...weird!
PS I love the idea of a seminary manual, it really helps to understand the scriptures when you have a guide, huh?