Monday, February 22, 2010

A few of our favorite things for the Baby

We got so many things from our baby showers I can't narrow it down to just one thing that I absolutely love, but there are a few things that I do absolutely love which are... (Since I have no idea why this won't post together you just will have to scroll down to look at the pictures, I don't get how to put it all together just yet.

Bassinet from Aunt Gaylene, Grandma Schamrdebeck, Grandma Rosie, Kassie and Karyn my cousins. Love it!

My mom got us this awesome swing. This is the swing Ben had to put together at Midnight the night of the shower. The swing also turns into a bouncer. Which will be so convenient when I absolutely have to take a shower, but don't want to leave the baby alone.

Ben's mom and dad got us this AWESOME stroller, carseat combo. I told her that we had found it and absolutely loved it, so she went out and bought it for us. I absolutely love it, and cannot wait to use it in the spring.

Ben's mom gave this to Ben for Christmas for the baby. He told his mom about it and she ordered it for him. Both he and I love it. Poor baby will be obsessed with Nascar by the time he is one.

Just something I threw together for the baby for his bedroom. He has no wall hangings. We are working on that sometime soon. He has some things that my mom bought him that need to go on a shelf.

Ok, I lied I do have something that is my absolute favorite thing that we have received. I absolutely love it! No one even knows. I feel honored that Grandma Archibald made this for our little guy. She has put a ton of time into the blanket, and it turned out PERFECT. There is something that I have been debating with myself about...Do we let our son use this blanket or is it one of those blankets you hang on the wall? I want this blanket to be his favorite, but I know that it will get ruined if we let him use this as his favorite blanket. Any suggestions because I am really torn about it.


Gaylene said...

It is way cuter in person than it was on the box! I am pleaseantly surprised!

Ruth said...

When you need to take a shower, but don't want to leave him alone take him with you. I took Glen into the bathroom and put him in his car seat while I showered for the longest time. That way I could hear him when he cried and I still got a nice long HOT shower. He usually ended up sleeping anyway.
As to the blanket good luck making it his favorite. I wanted Glen's favorite to be one blanket but he chose another. But the good news is that it may not be ruined. The blanket Glen chose was one from when I was a little girl (everyone thought I would be a boy so it is blue, convenient, eh?) Anyways, you are crafty enough to fix anything that he throws at the blanket. =D