Friday, January 29, 2010

New Recipe plus a Yummy Cake

Ben and I tried a new recipe last night. It was a Honey Mustard Glazed Chicken. It mixes up your taste buds that is for sure. It was simple to make. I even trusted Ben to take care of it, as long as he promised he would not fall asleep while watching The Office. He did a good job of basting the chicken again after 30 mintues and then putting it back in the oven for another 20 minutes while I went Visiting Teaching. Give this recipe a try, I really don't think you will be disappointed. It really is good, and easy to make. Want the recipe? Go Here...

We also (and by we, I mean I) sliced up the yummy cake I made at mutual on Wednesday night. That was delicious too. Just as delicious as dinner. I helped myself to two servings of my cake. Ben ate a VERY small piece. Talk about making yourself feel fat :( Haha! It's ok though I feel like this is the only time I actually have an excuse. I enjoyed making the cake on Wednesday night.

I am totally going to venture and make more cakes in the future. I am trying to be more frugal, and sheet cakes from the grocery store are just way too expensive. Ben's birthday is coming up, I need to get working on something I can make for him. Any ideas? Not to hard please, I am just starting out. What have you tried new lately? I want to hear about your experience. :)

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Ruth said...

For Glen's first birthday I made a baseball cake (Super easy) All I did was use a round cake pan and the take a bowl and imprint two half circles that I piped red frosting into for the laces. I have also made lego cakes (also pretty easy) and a mother board cake. If you go to there are a lot of cool idea and usually a video to show you how. I love this site.
I'm going to try your recipe this week.
PS you are eating for two, that means dessert too ;)