Sunday, December 13, 2009

He has a crib

Little Scout has a crib!! We purchased the crib last week and Ben set it up the night we got it. It is way cute. Ok, the bedding is way cute. The crib is a crib. What more can you say about it? At least I know now that if he comes early he will have somewhere to sleep. Although, he won't be able to come home from the hospital if we don't look into carseats soon. It has been fun to see his room come together. No theme, but it makes it more official now that the crib is in there waiting for him. I can't describe how much I love him already. Cherokee doesn't know what to think about the room just yet. She wanted nothing to do with us the night we were setting up the crib. It was interesting for me to watch her carefully watching dad put the crib together. I hope she is a good thing for her baby brother. I hope she is good with him, and watches out for him. Wish us luck, the next steo for us is baby classes. Ben's thrilled about the first class...essentials of breastfeeding :)
Poor guy! He'll survive.


Gaylene said...

Where did you get the bedding? It's way cute and very "boy" like.

Camille said...

Cute crib!!! It becomes more real once you start buying the furniture.

Julia said...

Very cute and so exciting!!!