Thursday, March 5, 2009

ThAnKfUl ThUrSdAy

A few years ago I was invited to a baby shower, to make a long story short the baby shower never happened. I took all of the present back, and got my money back except for the cutest little baby girl dress. It is so cute, and to this day is still hanging in the "nursery" room closet. When we moved to Ogden I showed Ben's dad the cute dress, I'm sure he thought I was crazy. That's ok, us girls get excited about silly things like that. Today, I wanted to go to the DI and see if I could find a little bookshelf. I roped Bryn into going with me, and somehow we ended up in the baby section very first. Haha! Never found a bookshelf but I did find the CUTEST t-shirt for our boys, and some WAY cute jeans for our baby girls. I called Ben when I left the DI. Before I told him about the baby clothes that I bought, he told me that he thought that I had jinxed us in the baby department because I never took that little dress back from the baby shower. I had too tell him that well now I have jinxed us AGAIN, and that I have set us back at least four more years because I was walking out of the DI with a t-shirt for a boy, and jeans for a girl. Haha! His reaction..."Oh boy" So, to all of our parents...Don't stress about being grandparents for a few years because buying baby clothes apparently sets us back a few years. You MIGHT be safe for a few more years. So you ask, what are you thankful for KoriAnn? I am THANKFUL for baby clothes. Yes, you heard right... BaBy ClOtHeS.


Samantha said...

I'm thankful for baby clothes, too! They are irresistable, aren't they?! And don't you worry -- I did the exact same thing -- I bought baby shoes a good 3 years before Gray was born :) and I just keep accumulating! I'm glad to have the excuse of actually HAVING a child to buy them for now -- but I do admit that sometimes I buy another girl outfit for my secret "baby stash" in my cedar chest :)

Gaylene said...

Way to go. I did the same thing, but you ended up with the clothes, because it looked like I would never get married and have children. Lucky you when you were little. Now those clothes are long gone! SOooo Sad.

Matt and Jenni said...

Your blog is so cute! And I love it that you bought baby clothes...I truly just LOVE IT!! haha! Yeah, I am loving TCOYF...its like my new bible. The hardest thing for me about not being able to get prego yet is that I have no idea what is going on! So to feel at least a little bit more educated has helped me to not feel so out of control. I'm so grateful for it! How did you hear about the book? Are you living up by the new theater in N. Ogden? I live right by the Taco Time. :)

The Melo Family said...

Those clothes are way cute! I'm so glad you got them! DI has some cute stuff! you just have to dig for them!!!
I dont think you will have to wait that long till you have a baby! It might be sooner than you think;)
I'll go to DI with you any time:D LOVE YA!

mary said...

I get a little bit obsessed about baby clothes too! I LOVE them!!!! And this way you will be good and prepared when the blessed day comes.