Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bring it on!!!!

I got this from my aunt Gaylene

I thought that this fit perfectly with the experience I had with Girl's Camp last year... Although, Ben wasn't home when I got home from camp. I got home from camp around 1:00 pm instead of going and taking a nice hot bath I went straight to bed until 5:00 pm. I decided then that I needed to finally take a bath, but for me, smelling bad didn't matter to me as much.
I have a feeling that this year at camp will be MUCH better. I'm not to stressed yet, but give it time...three weeks before camp the dog is let onto the bed to sleep with Ben because I'm up stressing and thinking about camp til all hours of the night, and I become somewhat onery... sorry babe...I know you get the most of this. Only those that have been a camp director can truly appreciate this funny picture. BRING on Girl's Camp 2009...I'm TOTALLY ready!


Gaylene said...

I'm grateful for having been able to contribute to your blog post.

Nicole said...

Hee, Hee. That was funny!

The Melo Family said...

I'm planning on being there every step of the way!!!!!:D Its gonna be fun!