Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Baby Handu...AKA Baby Andrew

My cousin Kassie's little girl Ashlynn calls her baby brother Andrew, baby Handu. So, if I am taking about Handu you will all know who I am talking about.

On Sunday Ben and I got a t call from my Grandma Schmardebeck asking us if we could go down to Primary Children's and give Baby Handu a blessing. Handu has RSV, pneumonia and a collapsed lung. On our way down to our house from Brigham I could tell that Ben was very nervous about giving Handu a blessing. He gave blessings in the mission field, and blessed my aunt's baby Kelson and did a wonderful job, he also gave my mom Genetter a blessing during her chemo treatments. I'm not a guy, so I don't know how the nerves stack up in that category but the blessing he gave Kelson was amazing so I knew that the Lord was going to be with him, and let him give baby Handu a beautiful blessing. Which he really did. When we got home, and got all ready to go down to Primary Children's I put Cherokee downstairs and waited downstairs for a while wondering what was taking Ben so long. I came upstairs to find him on his knees. My heart skipped a beat when I saw him praying to his Heavenly Father. When he finally came downstairs his shoulders were back and his head was up. Baby Handu has been put on oxgyen to keep him breathing, and they told Kassie that they might have to put him on a C pap machine that would do all the work for him, but as of right now they haven't had to do that (which is always a good thing). Ben gave a wonderful blessing, and most of us were all in tears. Baby Handu is going to make it through this. Ben is going to have alot of practice in the blessing department, now if only the next blessing he gives might be to our own children... we'll keep our fingers crossed. My thankful thursday is coming. I figured out what I was going to write about on Sunday and have been patiently waiting for Thursday to come...hurry and get here Thursday!


Gaylene said...

Amen in the blessing department

Camille said...

It's always nice to see that side of our "MEN". I always get choked up when Kasey gives blessing, mostly because I feel a connection to him that can only be felt through the love of our Savior. Yeah for the Priesthood!!!