Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Assignment!!!!

So,most of you know that I am way big into scouting. This all came about thanks to my father who is a big scouter and he and my mother being my scout leaders when I was a youth. I call it an addiction and sometimes KoriAnn doesn't understand why I love it so much, I just keep telling her it could be worse or I could be doing something else. A lot of it also comes down to the great experiences that I experienced when I was a scout. Now that I am a leader, i get the opportunity to help give young men the same or better experiences that I had. So my wife can thank my parents and my scout leaders for all of this.
It's kinda cool because when we moved into our current ward, the first couple weekends we were there, I was attending Woodbadge (thanks Dad) and found out that a couple members of our ward were part of the Buffalo Patrol (my patrol critter at Woodbadge). One of which was our former bishop Bishop Medsker. So they called me into young men's and i have been bleeding varsity scout orange ever since.
Well, part of Woodbadge is to complete your "ticket", which 5 items to help yourself, your unit, community in scouting. One of mine was to join the Varsity Huddle Staff. My good friend Gene White basically took me under his wing and asked me to be the District Varsity Training Chairman because he took the assignment as the Trapper Trails Council Varsity Training Chairman. So i have been training Varsity Scouts leaders which is awesome because not too many people know about Varsity Scouting. Well, last Wednesday Gene called me up and asked me if I could help with a training in the Mt. Ogden district in South Ogden. He said that they don't have a Varsity Training Chairman because he accepted the District Training Chairman position and we have a new training that we wanted him to see. The old training was 8 hours and the new training is 4 so it's real nice, especially when people try and make the 8 hour training into 4 hours. That's what happened to me and I about fell asleep. Really sad.
After I said yes he then says that he will no longer be the district training chairman and he has been working out of town for the military and I said "are you leaving somewhere?" He said kinda and that he was asked to be the Council Training Chairman, so he is in charge of training for the whole council. I congratulated him and then he said "I want you to be on the committee over Varsity because your the only one that knows the training and that you do a great job." I kinda have a selective hearing and only heard committee and varsity so I said yes and got to thinking after the phone call what had happened.
So I am really excited and it won't take up more of my time than I would already spend but it's great to be able to work with the council. This isn't meant to be a bragging post, but I am really excited about my new assignment.


Gaylene said...

Judos to you

Tammy said...

lol... all i can do is laugh (sorry)