Friday, November 21, 2008

My Thoughts on Twilight...Along with some stolen pictures from Bryn and Brandie's Blogs

First, I want Ben to know. He's not being replaced by Edward, and that he is my real life Edward!! I love you Babe, thanks for putting up with my obsession and loving me forever!

Pictures to enjoy first, and then we'll venture onto my thoughts about the movie...

According to my good friend Nicole and all of the Movie Review websites...More than 1,000 screenings across the U.S. sold out for the Midnight show...Twilight raked in 7 Million Dollars alone just for the midnight shows! I'm so glad that we were a part of that!

Rachael, Katie, Heather and Amber waiting for the movie to start. They all were so excited. I'm glad their parents let them come. We all had a good time. Although, I wasn't able to spend a lot of time with them because the concession stand was packed all night. After the movie, Rachael turned around to me and told me that she just enjoyed me laughing the whole time during the movie. It was cute! I'm glad I still get to serve in the Young Women's. These four are amazing!

Brandie, Bryn and I (girls, was this when the onery lady behind us got all bent out of shape) Anyways, had to get a picture with these wonderful ladies. They are the lucky ones who get to hear my thoughts opinions on the book and the movie the most. I know you are all jealous that it's not you. Haha! Yeah right, I kind of feel bad for them. Bryn and I had written Team Edward on our faces! It was alot of fun getting together with the girls. Ben, Josh, and Jaren came and really all were good sports considering that they might have been the three out of the ten that came. Good job guys! There really was way to much Estrogen in both theatres, but they managed to make it throught the night.

Bryn and I when we first got to the theatre. It really was a mad house. I am glad that her hubby let her hangout with me all night long that night.

Michelle, Lorri, Glorianne, Bryn and I minuted before the movie started (Oh yes, I can't forget Ben in the background picking his nose) Unfortunately for me, he does that alot in pictures. Thanks for coming ladies, it was so much fun having you there!

Finally, Brandie and I. I think this is also minutes before the movie started (but I could be wrong)I had been working at the concessions and would run back and forth into the theatre to look at the party, We never see each other so I am glad that her and Josh came up as well.
Okay, I have been waiting ALL day to post about this! I didn't get around to blogging yesterday because of my busy day, and all of those people at the theatre yesterday made me so tired, but it didn't stop Ben and I from going to see Twilight again last night at 9:45 (Note: I don't think Ben and I have EVER watched a movie two days in a row). Anyways, the pre Twilight party was alot of fun, well what I got to see of it, was fun. Although, I still am pretty upset that Jaren didn't win the Edward look a like contest :(
I went into the movie not expecting a lot. I have been very unimpressed with all of the trailers I have seen. So I really wasn't expecting a really phenomenal movie. I was super excited to finally get to see the movie and to hangout with friends, but wasn't overly excited for the movie (does that make sense?) because I just thought that they were going to butcher the movie. Well, I walked out of the movie theatre pleasantly surprised at the fact that I loved the movie more than most. Some just didn't like it, or just thought that it was ok. I think alot of that came from the fact that people were getting overly excited about it, and not realizing that things would be different, not shown exactly as the book portrays, and that they had to put a 500 page book into a two hour movie.
So, here is my theory...Go into the movie with low expectations, don't expect it to be wonderful (you'll be disappointed if you do), there are some cheesy parts, they just can't portray Stephenie's magnificent writing on screen (there just is no way), things are meshed together because of the fact like I have said before that they cannot put 500 pages into 2 hours, if they would have, we would have been in the movie theatre for four hours. It's just not possible. And last, go see it again...I liked it alot more the second time might have to just grow on you.
Now onto my thoughts of the characters...I was not one of those people that absolutely hated the guy who played Edward. I know alot of people just thought about him as the guy he played in Harry Potter, well I've never gotten into those books, or the movie so I can't see him like that. With this being a very HARD part to play with so many expectations so high I think that Rob Pattinson did an amazing job! I think he played the part really well, and also portrayed himself exceptionally well as a vampire, I don't care what others think, he did a good job! Bella's character did a great job not really much thoughts there. Jacob's character is a different story...I keep picturing him as the Murtaugh boy in Cheaper by the Dozen 2 (like most people do for Rob Pattinson for Harry Potter). And, I don't like Jacob so everytime he'd come on screen I'd get disappointed because I just don't like him so enough said there. I think Carlisle's character played exceptionally. I felt like he really did care about his "vampire" family and he really is a good lookin doctor. Alice's character was awesome! Exactly how I pictured her in the book! Very good on screen. I loved Jasper's character he really does look like he is in pain all of the time. I giggle everytime he comes on screen because he just is so funny looking sometimes, ok well most of the time. Emmett was played very well, he is funny in the movie too. Rosalie's character was cast perfectly! She did really really good. She came across hating Bella and I felt like she really did not like Edward being with Bella. She really did do awesome!
Well this post has turned out to be a long one...I just had to put my thoughts down.


Brandie Page said...

Thank you for inviting Josh and I it was so much fun! I loved it! The girl behind us was annoying but other than that everything was great. Will you give Bryn my email She was a lot of fun to meet! You're lucky it looks like you're in a great ward. You're review is right on.

{R}.{M}.{O}.{D} said...

i agree 100%, i went in with low expectations knowing that things wouldn't be the way i had read, but i was amazingly happy with the result, i think if you go in with high hopes you'll be disappointed, and therefore you won't like the movie, i agree with the character assumptions you made, cause i feel the same way.

Emily said...

All I have to say is....

Seriously, Team Edward???

Emily said...

I thought of something else - I will give you my address if you and Bryn coming down are going to be my Christmas present - otherwise, if you were planning on sending me that silly book of yours, count me out! ;)

Brandie Page said...

Hey girly,
Let me know when you want me to redo your blog to Christmas! You'll have to send me a bunch of pictures again.

Samantha said...

I totally agree with you -- I loved the movie! And i agree about the cast, too! Yay for Twilight!