Friday, November 7, 2008

Blog News Report

Many have wondered what the blog news report was all about that I saw. It was reported on KSL, here is the direct link if you want to go and check it out. It is to bad that people have to ruin it for others that are just trying to keep family and friends updated with life.

Remember...If you haven't sent me your e-mail address, and still want to be able to see our blog...PLEASE, PLEASE...send it to me soon.

My families theatre up in Brigham City, has two prints of the Twilight movie, tickets went on sale on Wednesday at 3:45. Each theatre has a total of 290 seats in them. I worked yesterday with my mom, and she told me that they sold 500 tickets in 30 minutes. We have officially sold out for the midnight premiere of Twilight, but there are plenty seats available for Fridays shows. Plus, Walker Cinemas is cheaper! Just thought, I'd do a little advertising for the Fam. I am hearing that the Megaplex is sold out for two weeks, but who knows that's just what I've heard.


{R}.{M}.{O}.{D} said...
mine's not private but olivia's blog is private, too many weirdos

Mayme said...

Haven't read the article yet, but I know some people thought i was weird when I asked that if they link to us that they not use our location or last name... Not sure if we will go private, but I do feel a need for some security, too.

Turok said...

This really sucks!! stupid people!! I am going private as well, so please send me your email!!

Jorgensen Bunch said..., you gotta send an invite! I am doing the same so send me your email too!

The Melo Family said...

did you invite me?