Friday, October 24, 2008

Bryn...We've caught another one!

To those of you who still haven't read TWILIGHT (you know who you are) I want you to know that I've roped another reader into this addictive book. I gave Valerie a copy of Twilight a few weeks ago. On Monday when I went over to babysit the little one's, Valerie told me that the "book was evil". I probably gave her a strange look like what are you saying? But, I am sure that she noticed my odd look on my face from her comment before, and she just started to laugh. She told me that she is trying to not to avoid things around her house like the laundry, her children, or her husband but she finds the book hard to put down, and that things might not get done around the house because of this book. Haha! I laughed so hard at what she told. I also reassured that I have all of the other books, and that she might have to leave things undone for awhile while she is in the process of reading the rest of the series. Just thought I'd share the wonderful news!


The Melo Family said...

That is great news hahaha! I roped two of my brothers into it! They read twilight in 2 days!!

Camille said...

I still have not given in!!!! Yeah!!!

Nicole said...

Hurray, someone else joining the good side! Twilight rocks!