Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Junior Miss

Like I had said earlier in my last post, I told everyone that a young women in my ward was competing in the local Junior Miss competition. I made Ben come with me, and we met up with Emily and her Mom. We all were really excited for Amber, and she did so good, and look so beatiful. I am pretty sure that Sister Medsker thinks that the Anderson's are pretty crazy. Emily and I were laughing through some of the performances. I know it is not nice, but we are bias to Amber. We think that she should have won it all! Unfortunately, she didn't but she did so good in everything that she did. Amber won first place in the fitness category, and got $200 for college. Amber, you did a wonderful job and you are absolutely amazing! You will do good in anything and everything that you do. Once again, Emily thanks for all of the laughs. When we get together it seems that that is all that we do, haha! Ben, thanks for coming with me. I appreciate you and the support you give me. P.S...Amber is the one that is in the green dress. You can't tell me that she is not absolutely beautiful!!!


The Melo Family said...

Man I wish I could have gone to that! She looks beautiful!

Samantha said...

Yay for gorgeous Amber! I'm still jealous that you got to go!!! You're so great to be so supportive of the girls!