Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The time we have spent with Ashlynne

Ashlynne has joined our little family for this and I thought that you would all enjoy seeing what we have been up to. She loves Cherokee sometimes, she even has gotten into her kennel at one point. She won't leave my side, and whenever I leave her side she starts to cry. Ben isn't getting much of my attention since Ashlynne has been here which I am feeling guilty of now that my dad had pointed these things out to me. I have taken her to the house I babysit at for the past few days and her and the other little girl Shaylea have really seemed to hit it off well. They have their moments, but for the most part they get a long pretty well. We (and by that I mean I) have enjoyed having Ashlynne around. She has taught me a few things that I will probably need once Ben and I have children of our own. I also know now why the lord gives you babies and not two year olds to start out with. What an ADVENTURE truly has been.


Brandon & Meghan said...

Hello, its Meghan from high school. I came across your blog:) (so many people have them) I just wanted to say hello, it sure looks like everything is going well!!

Brandon & Meghan said...

It has been an experience that is for sure...but the end project is awesome!

Blueberries N Cucumbers said...

We are in the sweet home town! Where are you guys at?