Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Our Fun Filled Weekend

Ben and I had a very eventful weekend. We first started out by watching Austin and Ashlynne (my cousin's kids) on thursday night and some of Friday. On Saturday morning we had the opportunity to go and see Mckayla get baptized. We had a such a good time there and we are so proud of her for making the decision to get baptized. From that point we went up to LDS hospital to go and see my aunt Geneale's new baby Kelson. What a doll he is! He is so small and precious. I can't wait to spend more time with him and hold him ALOT!! Ben decided that we would go and get a bite to eat at the ZCMI center and then walk around Temple Square. We had a good time together with just the two of us and learned some more information about numerous things that apply to mormons. We had the opportunity to go up on the 26th floor of the church office buildings and see throughout the Salt Lake Valley. WOW, that is all I have to say it was amazing. From temple square, we went to my cousin Martina's new home and hungout. Cherokee and their dog Herra love to play with each other. We went to get a bite to eat and came back to both Herra and Cherokee covered in mud. Thanks Jason for cleaning them both up. From there we went to my mom's house and picked up Ashlynne to babysit for the remainder of the week. On sunday we went to church, and Ashlynne did surprisingly well in nursery, and probably didn't even realize that we were gone. All in all it was a good weekend, unusually busy but nevertheless worth all of the running around.

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