Friday, March 28, 2008

The Girls I love

This is a picture from a Youth Leaders Retreat
that I was privledged to go to in January with the
Youth Leaders in our ward. This picture really shows
their true colors. They all have great personalities

and I have been privledged to get to know them on an individual basis.
Recently I got called to be the Camp Director in my ward, and have become very stressed about it. I was looking through our camera and came across this picture. As I look it it reminds me that even though I am stressed about camp, and certain people this is what it is all about. It is not about me, or other leaders it is about our youth enjoying camp and the physical, and spiritual things they will remeber. So, aside from being stressed and wanting to rip my hair. Now I can look at this picture when it seems that all else might fail, and really remember what it is all about!

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BaconandBitch said...

yeah! Your blog is so cute!