Friday, March 28, 2008

All grown up? Well almost!

Cherokee sure has grown! For about two months or so, Ben and I were wondering if she was going to grow anymore. We even had thoughts that she might have been the runt of the litter. But, to our surprise she has sprouted like crazy just in the past few weeks. We still love having her around, and both of us can't wait to get our yard in this summer so that she can freely run in the backyard without having to be tied down to her leash. She also will enjoy seeing her boyfriend duke all of the time now, and we won't have to sit out there and watch them run back and forth across the fence. Trust me, it gets old. I know our parents tease us and everything about Cherokee, because we treat her like our own child, but she is the closest thing we've got. We also have had to adjust and I think that she has taught us some things. I know she is a dog, nothing compared to a human. But, Ben and I think that it was something that we needed to adjust to, and take on before real human babies come into our home. Just remeber dad if you don't want to be a grandpa before your fifty stop teasing us, or we will have to just get pregnant. Haha...

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