Friday, January 17, 2014

RCC needs SLB

My little brother Shawn headed to the MTC on Wednesday. He has been called to serve in the California Rancho Cucamonga mission. I  cannot wait for the first email. My mother in law told me that we will live for those letters. I find that extremely true already! We haven't even received an email yet, and I am dying to know how life is going for Shawn. We are lucky though, because our Uncle works at the MTC so we get little updates which have been helpful. It was such a neat night on Tuesday seeing him get set apart as a missionary. He is so ready for this! He will be such a great missionary. I miss him so much already!! I know that he is going to do such a great work in California. Plus, he's in California, how awesome is that? Warm weather!   I cannot wait to receive our first email or letter.  I am sure our blog will keep you updated on Shawn and his success. Brighton and Bristol don' have much of any idea where Shawn is. I hope that we can keep in the know with Shawn. We ask Brighton and he says Shawn is on a mission, but I don't think he gets it. I also don't think he understands that he won't see him for two years. I cannot believe that my kids will be almost 6 and 3 when he gets home. Crazy! Life is good!!

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