Saturday, October 23, 2010

Proof that He's got Plagiocephaly!!

Let me start out by saying I had NO idea what PLAGIOCEPHALY even was when we started this journey.
The techinical term for Plagiocephaly is a condition characterized by an asymmetrical distortion (flattening of one side) of the skull.
Our Pediatrician told me that we needed to have him continue to sleep on his right side at night and have ALOT of tummy time during the day if we didn't want to have to get him a helmet. At that point Brighton was 4 months old (June 2010). Doc said that if as his mother and father didn't feel like it had improved within a month to call his office and he would get a referall letter out to Primary Children's to get this whole process started! During this time, Brighton had tons of tummy time and grew to enjoy being on his tummy where as before he hated every minute of it. Within a month (July 2010) I felt like nothing had changed and we were going to have to unfortunately get the little man a helmet. I hated the thought of it, I hated the thought that we were going to get so many people staring at us, I hated that I thought that this was all my fault, I was mad because no one warned me, I was mad at the classes that we took at the hospital...why didn't they inform us of what could happen if we didn't rotate our child's head every night when he couldn't roll over in the middle of the night! Let's just say I was mad, sad, frusterated, angry any and all emotions that might come from being his mom and the fact that this was going to be tough on all of us. We set up an appointment to meet with the Craniofacial specialist. We couldn't get in until Septemeber so the waiting process began. I began to get more and more worked up about the situation and we hadn't even started yet!!!! I would literally get headaches just thinking about it. Then there were the people who talk to me about it, I was ok in person to talk about it but while I was alone I cried, yelled, and cursed because there was absolutely nothing I could do about this awful process that we were about to embark on. The days went by and finally we got closer and closer to our appointment day. We set up the appointment early in the morning because it was in Salt Lake and I wanted Ben to be able to go back to work without having to take time off of work. On September 8th we got to our appointment, filled out a bunch of paperwork, and headed back to see the specialist. I had prepared myself that this was going to happen, and I was beginning to be okay with the fact that this was going to be a part of our lives whether we liked it or not. Might I just add right here, that Ben was calm and cool about this whole situation that was going on. He would reassure me and tell me that everything was going to be ok. I knew deep down the eventually it would be "ok" for me but on the outside something just doesn't sit well with me about the situation. Dr. Morales came in looked at Brighton and said he had Plagiocephaly on the left side. I nodded my head. He began to mumble off a bunch of junk that I can't even remember because I remember feeling "not there". I think my mind was somewhere off in lala land and my body was still in the same room nodding to the Doctor telling him that we had prepared ourselves for this. Haha...yeah right!! How the heck do you prepare yourself for something like this?? It's tough, it's hard, that stupid helmet is going to stink. Man, I was mad!!! Right after the doctor left, there was a rep from Fit Well. He told us about the helmet process, and what we needed to do to get him set up for this journey. We made an appointment for two weeks from the coming friday. Luckily for us, they have an office in Ogden so we're not having to drive to Salt Lake all of the time. Next Post, all about the apointments with Fit Well including the molding, and the actual helmet. Stay Tuned!


BaconandBitch said...

Awww, I think the helmet is kinda cute! I looked the pics on facebook. He is so freakin' cute!!!!!! He should be a GAP baby.

Unknown said...

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