Friday, April 9, 2010

Things we could not live without...for Brighton

I am basically blogging this for my own reference. Whenever I have a baby shower from now on I know what I will be getting people. Not clothes, or other items that you always seem to get alot of. I feel that these three things have helped us tremendously. They are things that you normally wouldn't get it from a baby shower, but once that baby comes all advice and things you have learned go out the window. Your baby is their own person and these things can help you get your sanity back when all else might fail. These things have saved our lives, so I am sharing them with you. Granted, most of you that read our blog have already had children, but like I said it's for my own sake. The book Healthy sleep habits Happy child was lent to me by my friend Bryn. Her edition of the book is older, kind of hard to understand. I decided to buy the 3rd edition of the book. It still is a little hard to follow, but I seem to be understanding what Brighton is going through and where and when I can help him sleep better. The DVD happiest baby on the block is a lifesaver!!! It saved Ben and I. It will especially help those who might have an extremely fussy or colicky baby. Brighton has been alot fussier these last few weeks and we have put the techniques we have learned in this DVD to use numerous times. We just barely learned about the kiddopotamus swaddle blanket last night. A friend from our ward is letting us borrow her swaddle blanket. It helps alot. In fact, Brighton is asleep in the blanket as we speak. It saves you from having to swaddle your baby in a blanket (the dvd teaches you another swaddle technique and this blanket saves you time).


Ruth said...

It is always interesting to find out what work for your little one. I know that some of the things that worked so well with Glen are not Benjamin's thing. I am glad you have found some things to help you and Brighton.

Camille said...

Sorry, I should have told you about the swaddle blanket. Thanks to saved my life!!!! I still wrap Dade up tight in his blanket since he has outgrown the swaddle and he sleeps much better. Let me know when you want to go VT.

The Melo Family said...

So glad I could help out:D even in a round about way lol