Monday, January 18, 2010


So this is what it feels like to have numerous people look at your blog? Why am I not flattered? When I wrote about circumsion for my little guy I never thought I would attract much attention, maybe just a few comments here and there. I was shocked to find a plethora of comments this morning. Each of which I have taken the time to read. I have found that each comment is intriguing in it's own way, and I have learned some very new information that I probably never would have got if it wasn't for you. So for that, I thank you. The Hubby and I have a decision to make, and with all of this information we have received it seems that it might a little tougher than I thought. Ultimately, I am going to put this in the Lord's hands and ask for his help. I really do need it here. Our child has become the most important person in our lives right now, and I know that his "own" father can help us more than we as his earthly parents can. I know that the Lord will answer our prayers, and I have quite the doosey on my hands.

On a sidenote:
-What are our beliefs?

-I also want to add, if you are going to continue to read our blog...please do not attack anyone's comments or opinions about situations. We are all entitled to our very own opinions. I know you may agree or disagree with what has been said but please don't attack anyone's comments it really doesn't sit well with me. Sounds cheesy, I know...but it's how I feel and that is what I am all about these days.

One Confused Momma


Gaylene said...

Whoops! I should have read your last post before I posted about "Joseph" when he attack Ruth Megan, Samantha and I. Oh well--he had it coming!

The Melo Family said...

Gaylene, Don't forget about me!Unfortunatly some people don't have internet manners. I'm sorry your blog post became so heated. It wasn't necessary at all and I would thank all the level headed responders! It looks like you got a lot of information. I hope my opinion helped. As a mom of 2 boys and a husband who is on my side with circ. it is something we do and have heard too many horror stories of uncirced.

I'm here for you and support you in what ever decision you make! :D

enithhernandez said...

Unfortunately I have heard many stories of botched circumcisions :( google it, you'll find lots of pictures.

My husband is circumcised btw, something I didn't mention in my previous comment. I am so glad I was able to find people like those that commented in your blog. They opened my eyes to the new information that is out there about circumcision.

I also wanted the share the last links that I forgot to share with you :)

I recommend that you guys watch the videos here of An Actual Circumcision and the video "The Prepuce" which describes the anatomy and function of the foreskin.

Read the pamphlet on what Mormonism teaches about circumcision:

Finally, at the site below, Utah's circumcision rate has dropped to 48%, so a majority of baby boys are now being left intact there. There goes the old locker room argument. And Utah Medicaid no longer pays for circumcision, because it is medically unnecessary.

God Bless! <3

Brandie Page said...

I talked to someone that wasn't circ. as a baby the other day. What you guys do is totally up to you but I just wanted to tell you what he told me. He said that first of all he had sex for the first time at 17 and it was actually painful because of the skin. He then decided to join the military at 19 and the military made him do it. He said it was horribly painful. He said it is a cleanliness issue. I don't know about all the botched circumcisions I went to Dr Dawson in Brigham that I've been seeing for 10 years now. He took Kayden out of the room did it and brought him back to me to hold and comfort. Any ways, I don't want to encourage any one one way or the other. You're post definitely made me look into it though. It wasn't even questioned with Kayden and I will still definitely do it with Luke. But it's always good to be informed! Hope you guys do what you feel is best for you and the little guy!

enithhernandez said...

Brandi I want to point out though. girls first time sex could also be painful. This is because of the hymen. Boys also have hymen which is the structure between the foreskin and the glans. This is why so many of us oppose to this practice. It's just like cutting off the hymen of our little girls with a knife, but to our boys. so, so sad and horrific. makes me wants to cry and punch these horrific doctors.


Ben, KoriAnn, Brighton & Bristol said...

Just so everyone knows the LDS church does not have a particular view of circumcision. They leave the decision up to the parents.

Found from
Section 74 of the Doctrine and Covenants [1] gives an explanation of the issue regarding circumcision. Parts of the New Testament state that circumcision is no longer needed because it was part of the Law of Moses which has been fulfilled. Doctrine and Covenants, section 74 therefore provides more clarity on the issue. Circumcision is not needed for the salvation of little children because they are naturally clean and holy, being sanctified through the atonement of Jesus Christ.

Circumcision has become frequently practiced in modern culture, because of assumed benefits to health and cleanliness. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints leaves the decision up to the discretion of the parents and does not make a recommendation for or against the practice.