Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Ensenada Mexico
July 24-July 27

The weekend of July 24th, the Anderson clan headed to San Diego. We left fairly early friday morning and spent the good part of the day at the San Diego Zoo. The zoo is huge. It beats the Salt Lake Zoo. While there we saw plenty of animals and had a good time. Here for your viewing pleasure here are some of the animals that we enjoyed...

After spending the day at the Zoo we decided that it was time to go get on our cruise ship. That was an event in itself seeing that I've never been on a cruise. It wasn't to difficult and we were on the ship within a 1/2 hour (thanks to my inlaws who have the VIP status). The ship was huge. Our bedroom was very nice with it's very own private deck, I personally think we got very spoiled. The ship left the port around 6:00 that night and we were off to Ensenada.

Saturday was the fun day at sea. We ate til our little hearts were content, slept plenty, and Ben even enjoyed the ships mini golf tournament. Sunday we got into Ensenada early and we were off the ship by 10:30 am and spent about five hours in Ensenada doing what I do best, SHOP!!!! I scored some pretty sweet things and liked looking at all of the little stores. Although, it felt like all of the stores had the same thing just at different prices. Ben of course haggled some items and got some sweet deals on all of things he purchased. I didn't have the heart to haggle because they have to live off what they make. It breaks my heart and makes me sad that little children are put in those situations from their parents. I was glad I had my sunglasses on because I might have shed a few tears :( It was neat to be there though and explore and see a new culture. After walking around Ensenada we decided to head back to the ship and eat some grub. You know, since we didn't get enough from the night before or the room service that we had ordered that morning. We ate, and we ate good. Ben ate, ate, ate and ate. Oh yeah, did I mention Ben ate??? Haha!

We were off the ship way to early and heading to Sea World on Monday morning. I went when I was young with my mom but haven't been back since. It definietly has changed, but change isn't bad it was a good change in this case. We saw Shamu, dolphins, sea lions, you name it we probably saw it. As soon as I knew it we were back in the airplane heading for home. It was a nice quick vacation but something I know both Ben and I needed. Thanks Mom and Dad Anderson for taking us and spoiling us rotten. We Love You!


Gaylene said...

good to see that you really went on a trip!

Matt and Jenni said...

So glad that you had so much fun!! I know what you mean about bartering...Matt always gets mad at me because I end up spending WAY too much, but I feel so bad! I have so much and they have so little! And YES, cruises are made for eating and eating and more eating! haha!

Nicole said...

Looks like you had lots of fun! Isn't Sea World great. My favorite is the Sea Lions show! Opey Otter is so cute!