Sunday, July 12, 2009


Don't know why I put the picture up...but I just felt like putting it up because I haven't put it on the blog yet. (Picture is from Las Vegas Bowl December 2008 BYU vs Arizona. Obviously this picture is before the game. BYU might has well of just not of played at all because that is really what they did. It was a sad game, but very nice not to have to pay for anything.)
Ben and I have had some very uneventful weekends lately. They basically consist of very little rest, cleaning the theatre, working at the theatre, and then church on Sunday. By the time I realize that it is Sunday night (like right now) it's time to start a new week all over again. Where does time go? Ben worked at the theatre Friday night, cleaned the theatre early Saturday morning, and we both worked all day at the theatre Saturday. We headed up to Brigham and were able to relax at my parent's house (the only reason why we were able to relax was because the family was gone to Powell to no one was home, and we had the house all to ourselves which was nice), we cam home late last night. Woke up early this morning to clean, and then headed to church. We then had to head over to the church for an Eagle Court of Honor tonight for one of Ben's Varsity Scout boys (we are both very proud of Trevor for earning the rank of Eagle). Ben has worked with Trevor ever since we moved into the ward and I know that Ben is very proud of Trevor. And here we are late Sunday night...the week starts all over in just a few hours. A few things to make it through the week are....Makai's Birthday party on Wednesday, Youth Conference for me on Thursday thru Saturday, Ben will head up Friday night after work so that we can dance the night away (really, they have square dancing on the agenda for youth conference. I don't know how much the youth will have fun, but I know that Ben and I will have fun :) and the real reason we are going to Youth Conference is because of the yummy food that is planned. The only thing that is getting me through these next few weeks is knowing that in 12 more days I have a cruise to look forward too. Can't wait to do nothing, and let people wait on me hand and foot. I won't even have to clean :) So HAPPY about that!

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Emily said...

I didn't know you were going on a cruise?! How exciting, have so much fun and enjoy every second of it - you deserve it!!