Sunday, June 28, 2009

2nd Day at CaMp

Service Project...We made children's books. The girls really seemed to like this project. Maybe because it didn't really feel like service to them?? I thought it was neat to see each book that each girl created in her own way.
Sister Houghton rocked our socks off for the Stake leaders skit. I think what made it even better was that Bishop Medsker helped out too. It was really funny. All of the girls seemed to like it, I know that I was impressed with Sister Houghton's mad singing and dancing skills. Thanks for being such great stake leaders!!

BOOM-BOOM FIRE POWER!!! Our skit this year was the story of Abinadi. Thanks to Sister Cox who put it together and helped out with it so much. The girls did a wonderful job, and seemed to enjoy putting their acting skills to use.

Lots of Thanks to the hubby for always being the priesthood leader up at camp while I have been the camp director. He is a great guy. I know I am lucky :) he even topped the night off with AWESOME peach cobbler. I love you babe!

Magnificent Waterfall that we hiked to. It was totally worth it. Especially watching Sister Scheer slide down the hill on her butt!

Tough Katelyn and Rachael. You did it! Great job girls!!
We rock! We made it to the waterfall with no injuries. It was great that it was not 95 degrees a little rain and overcast. It was a great hike!! Look, we are still smiling :)

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