Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Conversation with a Three Year Old

Here is the latest conversation that Shaylea and I had today.

Shaylea says..."Kori, when are you getting a kid?"
KoriAnn says..."When I get pregnant then I'll have a kid. There
is something wrong because I can't pregnant.
Shaylea says..."Maybe Ben breaks the rules, so you can't get pregnant."
That was the highlight of my day today. I laughed for a good ten mintues
about that one.
We were outside playing later today and she said to me...
"Kori, there is a freaking bug!"
Apparently I need to stop saying FREAKING! At this age she is
like a sponge and soaks up everything I say. OOPS!!! :)


Nicole said...

Kids are like sponges! You do have to watch what you say. I have learned this with my cute kindergarteners!!

Camille said...

Very true. Tell Ben to stop breaking the rules....She is so adorable!!!

Emily said...

Hahaha - that cracks me up! You better ask Shaylee what she actually knows about the rules?! j/k too funny!

{R}.{M}.{O}.{D} said...

hahaha! Omg, shes a doll! what a mind they have. great story