Thursday, April 16, 2009

17 Again

The best part about having the theatre so close is the fact that we can go and see a movie whenever we want. For example, tonight we went and saw 17 again. Yes, you are all thinking but wait, it doesn't come out til tomorrow? Well, as a matter of fact your right, but we got to see it tonight thanks to the projectionis that had it already threaded up. Sweet huh?? It was a cute movie, I'll probably buy it when it comes out. I am also grateful for nights like these. I feel like Ben and I haven't seen each other at all these past few weeks. If he comes home I leave, and vice versa. It stinks! Tonight after he got home from class we spent the rest of the night together and I LOVED every minute of it. I am glad that he is willing to see chick flicks with me. He's a great guy :) He makes my world complete. I love you babe forever and ever!


Matt and Jenni said...

I SO want to see looks funny! I'm glad you gave it the thumbs up. :)

Camille said...

I think that show looks pretty good. I am glad you two had a great night together.

Nicole said...

I liked it too! It was very cute. One thing that drove me nuts were all the teenage girls screaming whenever Zac was on the screen. So annoying!!