Monday, March 16, 2009

Dad turns 50

My OLD Dad turned 50 on February 28th. I saw this cool "Coffin Cake" on Studio 5 a little over a year ago, and was determined I was going to make this for my dad when he turned 50. I have been anxiously waiting for the day to arrive, to make this fun cake. I went through three cakes in order to get it right, but it finally came together very nicely. Bryn frosted it, and did a great job. My dad's reaction was priceless...scroll down to see his reaction (the third picture is blurry, sorry ). I think when he first looked at it he didn't know what to think about it, and then he FINALLY realized what it was. Happy Birthday Dad. We love you despite how old you really are :)

Blogs to come...
1-Our California Adventure (that includes a BUNCH of pictures, in fact that is all it might be :)
2-Our finished Tutu's for Shaylea and Lainee
3- St. Patricks Day Treats (Shaylea and I are making them tomorrow for Valerie, and John)
4-Life in General aka...the theatre, church callings, and Bryn and Andrew moving out of our ward :( (Bryn, you'll probably need a tissue for that.)


Gaylene said...

Just remember that when I turn 50--no cake, I hate cake. And I really dont like chocolate.
Good job though--It looked great. Bryn did a great job with the frosting. Too bad they moved.

Matt and Jenni said...

AWESOME cake!! I wanna know how to make it, my dad turns 50 this September!
Have you ever gone to the Circle of Life clinic? I have heard it is awesome, but haven't gone there yet. I think I might at some point. Have you been doing anything from TCOYF?

Matt and Jenni said...

Just email me...easier than back and forth blog comments. ;)

jenni10bears (at) yahoo (dot) com

The Melo Family said...

thanks for the warning on the future blogs. Maybe I wont even read that one that requires jk! It's not the end of the world tho you know! I'm only moving like 3 blocks down the street! We will still be Best friends!!!

Brandie Page said...

Thank You for the comment I was in a dark place that day and remembering her pulled me out of it She was a great woman. Just like your grandma.

The Melo Family said...

Just post it!!! I'm going crazy!!

Brandie Page said...

Yesterday was a bad day... I know you text me about Girls Camp but i'm not sure if I replied. So yes I will totally make something for you... Let me know what you're thinking. Also my mom doesn't have a blog. She just made a account to comment.

{R}.{M}.{O}.{D} said...

love that cake, freakin awesome. your dad i'm sure had a blast. YAY 50th for him.
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