Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm Addicted...and it has nothing to do with Twilight

Yep, I'm addicted to The Office.

I want you to know that I blame these two couples...
Mitch and Megann Peterson for trying so hard to convince us to watch it...never had a desire but felt that Megann was not lieing. If she tells me something is funny, I believe her.

Shane and Heather Taylor let us borrow their first season and thanks to them I have spent far over my budget this month, going out and buying season one and four.

Thank goodness my mom bought season two and three so I won't need to buy those just yet.
Now that I've watched every single episode from season one to season four FAITHFULLY will someone please tell me what the next episode would be. I would prefer to go in order, and I'm thinking that season 5 is still on TV and not out on DVD yet. Not cool!!


I might secretly have a crush on Jim too. Don't worry Ben already knows that I think this. I told Bryn that I thought he was cute and Ben just rolled his eyes, oh yeah and said that he had a big nose, and Bryn agreed. Haha!!

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Samantha said...

I, too, am slightly obsessed with The Office! LOVE IT! It's on every Thursday (TONIGHT! YEEHAW!) at 8pm on NBC. If you need to catch up on this season so far, you can watch episodes for free on the NBC website!!! :)