Thursday, January 1, 2009

Brandie, You Rock!

If you are thinking that the new page layout and new header is absolutely ADORABLE, as much as I have to give credit to Brandie. She creates all my layouts, and headers for me because still live in the old days, and don't have the necessary software to do all of that cute stuff! I love the new layout, and header it is so cute! I love it!!! Thanks Brand!!!


Brandie Page said...

YOu're so welcome! It's in honor of our ANNIVERSARIES!!! WOO HOO We always knew we would be with a
"Josh and Ben" hahaha.... I'm so relieved that you are okay! When you say 2009 is going to be exciting does that mean you're already pregnant? I'm coming to Brigham on Monday and really need to talk to your mom... I hope I get to see you let me know when you're working.

Emily said...

I love it! It is really cute!! Happy upcoming anniversary - hope it's fun!! I'm looking forward to coming up next week and don't forget to tell everyone about girls night at church this Sunday!!

Brandie Page said...

Yeah It was my phone. It was fun to talk to you though!