Friday, January 16, 2009

The Baby Situation

I am sure those of you who don't want to be grandparents or even great grandparents that read this blog won't be to thrilled about what this post is all going to be about. So if you want to deny the fact that you will "hopefully" be a grandparent in the next year or two you can stop reading here... For those of you who want to read the rest, well here's to you.
Well Ben and I are jumping on the bandwagon for our ward with fertility issues. Apparently, we have the same luck as others in our ward. I truly believe we were put into this ward for many reasons, and this being one of them. There has been numerous ladies I have talked too about this issue and they all have something to say and tell me all of the time that if I need to talk that they will be there for me, I appreciate it alot!! I was told last year at the doctor's that I was going to have a hard time getting pregnant. I didn't stress about it too much because at the time we weren't even considering having children, but as you'd guess it I became baby hungry and told Ben we were going to stop preventing it, and see what was going to come of it. Well, here I am blogging about it. Still not pregnant, and still very very baby hungry. Sorry, to both of my dad's it's true. Anyways, I went to my doctor a couple of weeks ago for that wonderful check up and told him that we wanted to start trying to get pregnant. I'm sure the doctor wasn't too surprised when I told him I was not preventing getting pregnant. He gave me some advice, and told me to get on some Prenatal vitamins, and that we should begin testing when we wanted too. If things aren't working like normal that I could call in and get on Clomid. (am I spelling this right??)
Which brings me to what I want to talk about...
I've been taking Prenatal vitamins the past week. Nothing unusual about it. It's just like taking a birth control pill. Except for the fact, that I have some freakishly weird dreams. I don't know if it's because all my thoughts and energy are possessed into the fact that we are trying to get pregnant or if this is normal and it will pass. Anyone else have some weird dreams while on prenatal vitamins?
Next Topic...Clomid (sp??)
I've heard some rather interesting story about this pill. Most, not good. Like, for instance one second you can be happy, the next you will be onery and upset. My hormones are all ready messed up why do we put ourselves through this and only make it worse? Well if things aren't right my doctor said that this will be the next step. Gaylene, this is the part where you would tell me some "good" side effects to this evil pill.
I realize that this is what might be necessary for us to have children. I know that this is going to test our "true love" towards each other especially if I have to go on Clomid. Poor Ben, after the pill he might not want to have a baby with this crazed, onery, frightening women.


Gaylene said...

Clomid is spelled this way. Is that the way you spelled it?
Well, I asked Keith and here was his reply.
When I was on it, everyone, move over. The wrath of Gaylene was upon everyone. But he aslo said, even knowing our outcome know, he still would endure it for another 500 years if he had to to get what we wanted. Unfortunately for us--thatt never happened, and there are good reasons for that. Now I'm nearly 50 and raising three small children and it's very hard. But it is worth it. Mood swings, grumpy, mean, @#$%^y, always hungry---I think it was what helped me gain all the weight that I can't get off ( I know--no excuses now) But then we can always remind Ben what he's like during finals!! ha ha!
I'm here for you al the way if you need me.. You're only saving factor may be you have several less years on you than I did--I didn't have may years to work on it. Remember, I was old when we got married. You have plenty of time. Love you loads.

Samantha said...

This may be too much information, but your doc should run tests before you try Clomid -- the only reason you would need Clomid is if you're not ovulating. So you can take at-home ovulation tests and see if you're ovulating or not. There are a whole SLEW of reasons for you not getting pregnant -- some docs jump to Clomid wayyyy to soon, as a "fix-it-all" drug, and it's not. And it DOES have a LOT of side-effects. But if not ovulating IS your problem, Clomid is definately a quick fix!!! But for sure, if your doc isn't running tests, you should as about it. It could be something as simple as a thyroid disorder, or something as complex as Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Wow, I could go on and on about this, but this is long enough :) Call me any time if you need someone to talk to, or if you just need to vent and/or cry a bit!!! You're in my prayers!!!

{R}.{M}.{O}.{D} said...

I agree with your friends post above me, some tests should be ran. I had to be on 6 cycles of clomid and never had a baby. Olivia happened while we decided to not "try" anymore. meaning no more temping, charting, ovulation sticks, cloming, or anything.
we had unexplained infertility, so i know your struggle, and the want for a baby, my baby hungry came in 2006, and it wasn't til a year later that we finally got pregnant.
i'd also get some books on fertility and infertility and research some stuff you never knew.
I'd also you OPK's (ovulation predicter kits) and maybe even Temp and chart.
if you have any questions let me know. I've been their and i know how overwhelming and stressing it can be.
good luck though, i hope you get it right off the bat!

Samantha said...

Yeah, you should FOR SURE ask your doctor to run tests BEFORE you start the Clomid!! And don't worry about offending him or whatever -- his job is to care for YOU, in whatever way YOU are comfortable with. If he acts all put-out about it, or if at ANY time you're uncomfortable with anything he's doing/telling you to do, it's time to find another doc (do you mind me asking who he is? I know most of the OB's around here, and I could tell you how to handle him and/or recommend the ones *I* think are best -- as an OB nurse and as a woman! If you want, of course!)!! Clomid just isn't something to just play around with and "see if it works" just because you don't get pregnant right away. And most docs won't even label you as having "infertility problems" until you've been trying for a year -- that's the "normal" time to wait before trying anything drastic -- such as Clomid! There are real and serious side effects to any medical treatment, and they should only be tried if there is a good, solid reason for it!!! You can try non-medical interventions first, such as de-stressing (yeah, so easy to do, right?!), eating better, getting at an ideal body weight for your height/age, tracking your ovulation cycles, and (TMI ALERT) trying to concieve at different times of the day/night, trying different positions, only trying every other day, or every 3 days.......there are lots of things you can do before jumping into Clomid. But again, IF you find out your only problem is that you're not ovulating, Clomid is a wonder drug that can help way quick! My sister just got pregnant off of one cycle of Clomid after trying for 8 months before that! So there are definately situations that warrant medical intervention, but sometimes YOU need to do everything you can do to make your body the most pregnancy-ready it can be -- before you get pregnant! And just like the previous post mentioned -- sometimes you just have to "give up" on trying so hard and trust in the Lord to bless you with your family in HIS due time! That's the point I finally got to, after trying for 3 years, and then VOILA! I got pregnant! Not saying that always happens, but I am a true believer in trusting Him :) Wow. Long post. hehe. Hope it helped! Let me know any time if you have other questions or need to talk! You can also email me --

Lar. said...

Hey Kor,
We had a hard time getting preg with Ky and instead of any meds or anything I decided I wanted to control it by understanding my body completely. So I started BBT charting (Basal Body Temprature) and also some other TMI checks. By doing this, I knew everything about my body and why it does the things it does. It still took some time but at least I knew for sure I was ovulating and when my "best" time was. If you are interested I will talk to you at Fab Fam time. :D

BaconandBitch said...

One more thing to add. Getting pregnant is also difficult for some couples soon after you are off birth control. You may not get pregnant right away if you just stopped. Also, it can vary depending how long you were on birth control. I have also learned and heard that the BBT method is good too. Not that I would know though :)

Lar. said...

I just remembered, there is a book. It's called Taking Care of Your Fertility. I have one sitting in a box. Everything you ever wanted to know about getting pregnant. Ill bring it to the next party, you can have it if you want it.

Tifanie Findlay said...

I don't know what to tell ya about all the different meds, but I can tell you that the entire time I was pregnant and taking my prenatal vitamins I had really weird dreams. I think the most important thing to remember is that God will give you a baby on his time. He knows what is best for us so we must trust in him. I am sure it is extremely difficult at times but try to enjoy every minute you can with Ben because once the kids come, time is hard to come by. Also congrats on the theatre; that is awesome. And I can't believe Taylor is on a mission!!!

Heidi said...

As you might already know we had to try for 2 1/2 years to get Mason. And we are now struggling to get pregnant again. All together we have done 16 months of Clomid (3 seperate cycles of 5 or 6 months). And eventually did and IUI (Artificial Insemination)to get Mason. And have currently done 4 unsuccesful IUI's. So I have been and am where you are. And I am so sorry for your struggle. Try not to worry to much about the side effects of clomid, just remember that it is completely worth it. Just remind your husband that he is going to have to be really supportive and just be there for you no matter how you act. Cause unlike you he can control his emotions, and if he does it will really help. If you ever want to talk about anything I am here. I am a Clomid expert. I know how much it hurts to ache for a baby and I wouldn't wish it upon anyone. I hope you get some good news soon. here is my email