Thursday, December 4, 2008

ThAnKfUL Thursday

I have seen these post on other blogs throughout November. But I have decided that I want to be Thankful year round not just in November. The post will be random. They will range from everything and anything that I might be thankful for, which by the way is alot, I'm just not the best at showing it at times. So starting this week I will be doing a "Thankful Thursday" every week.
First, I am going to start with being thankful for the GOSPEL. Without the gospel, my life wouldn't be where it is today. I am grateful for the lord and the many things he does for me. I am sure there are things that he blesses me with that I don't even know about. I am grateful for the lord and the things that he has already blessed me with. Without the gospel I would have a completely different life. I am blessed to have a wonderful husband, friends, family, our home, our ward, wonderful ward family members, callings in our ward, our dog, and many numerous other things that I just can't list because it would be pages long. I know that the lord has put these things in my life for a reason. I know that he has blessed me tremendously with so many things. I am grateful for the gospel and all that comes with the gospel. The gospel is amazing, and I honestly feel bad for those whol don't have the true message of the gospel in their lives, because it simply is amazing!


Tiffany West said...

Great idea, it's always nice to hear what others re thankful for, it reminds me to be more thankful too!

Brandie Page said...

I would love too!