Friday, December 12, 2008

ThAnKfUl ThUrSdAy (A day late)

I love this time of year. I must admit though that I don't love the snow that much. I hate being cold, and I absolutely HATE driving in the snow. It scares me to death. Enough about the snow, and being cold what I am thankful for today. I think another reason why I love this time of year is because of the time we all get to spend with family. I love being with family, and being able to spend this time of year with them. So for this Thursday I am thankful for Families. Not just my family, but Ben's family too, and of course our own little family.
The Bennion Family: Although, we might seem like a normal bunch we really aren't. We discuss anything and everything under the sun, and that is something that I am grateful for. We laugh, talk, and bash on things we hate, but at the end of the day we still love each other. We get together once a month, and sing Happy Birthday AWFUL! It seriously is bad, but one of the highlights of my week when we have a party.
The Anderson Family: Although we never get together near as much as Ben and I think we should I still feel loved and cared for even when we are all apart. Lezlie keeps us in check at times and makes sure we gather at the appropriate times. I am grateful for Grandma and Grandpa Anderson for letting us come and invade your home over conference weekends. Last time we were there, grandma made me feel very comfortable and loved. I feel more and more a part of the family everytime I see her. Thanks for taking me under your wing, I don't think you knew how much I really needed that.
The Schmardebeck Family: Everyone single one of you were there when I needed you the most. You cared and loved for me in my teenage years and loved me regardless of my choices. I know I can talk about anything with any of you and you won't judge me. I love going to Grandma's house and talking with Gaylene and you for hours. I love that when I call you are so happy to hear my voice. It makes me feel wanted and needed, and I need that more than I think I even realize. Thanks for being the "hip" grandma that you are and talking to me and Ben about OGBYN's (inside joke) with us. I don't think I will ever forget that. Thanks for always willing to help out in anyway you can. I'll never forget the mysterious money that showed up in our bank account. We'll repay you for it, one of these days. We love you all!
The Walker Family: You have taken me in like I was your own. I love that feeling knowing that although, I might not be your own I am. You all have a special way of showing your love and those that are around you feel that same way too. You have shown me what it really means to be a family in times of trial and hard times. I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for putting my dad and I into your lives. Grandma and Grandpa Walker have always taken care of me, gave Ben and I a place to stay when we would come and visit. We miss not coming up there and talking with you over weekends.
The Lee Family: It's alot like the Anderson family. We don't see each other much, but we feel loved when we do see you.
Grandma Archibald: Thanks for also taking me under your wing and loving me and Ben. You are always concerned for our well-being. I love that we can go over to your house, and you are always there with a welcoming smile and hug, and we never leave your house hungry.
Families are the best, I am glad to know that Families can be together forever.

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Camille said...

What a GREAT tribute to your family. Families truly make us who we are.