Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Not Voting...You can comment all you want!

First of, I am going to tell, in which I am sure that I will be slapped in the face, and maybe have some harsh words thrown at me for not voting, but honestly it's ok. Ben and I didn't register to vote, don't ask why, we just didn't. I honestly and truly don't think that Obama or McCain are right for the next president. I also didn't have a good feeling about Mitt Romney either. I know this is an historic time to vote, and blah blah my vote counts and all but I'm just not feeling it this year. I also know that it isn't just about the next man that will lead our country, but also about the other issues that surround the state of Utah. Ben's right when he says...Huntsman will get re-elected for another term, Rob Bishop will also be selected, and since this state is full of Mormons like us, we too are against same sex marriages. Although, that has really nothing to do with our state, it has been getting some really big media attention. I am glad that the church has voiced there opinion about it, but I also feel that good "mormon" families have been torn apart because of this issue. I'm not going further into detail about that in anyway because I am sure that I have got some mean thoughts brewing in people's minds right now, and for that I am sorry for this is just how I feel. So my point too Obama and McCain is this...Good Luck to whoever the next president will be. Don't think you're going to waltz right into the white house and change the whole world over night. I want a president that is going to be honest to the american citizens, I want a president that isn't going to beat around the bush, give the people an answer that we all can understand and stick to it. I want a president that isn't going to be afraid to stand up for what is right, I want a president that is going to take charge, and show other countries that we are the best, and we aren't going to back down.

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